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Official things you actually dislike about GTA IV thread

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Posted 12 hours ago

That really irked me too. I live in the area that it was modeled after, and when the game was being made the stadium was still there irl. After the game's release (2009) that's when they starting rebuilding the new stadium while dismantling the original stadium.

I live within a stone's throw from Meadows Park.

Honestly, a stadium is pretty much all that LC was missing in terms of places that most cities have. Every 3D-era city had one. A Shea Stadium lookalike in Meadows Park would have worked and I'm sure they could have made the space for it. Instead we have what appears to be major league baseball team that seems to play in the unseen suburbs because there's no stadiums in the city.


I guess if you're from New York or at least somewhat familiar with the area, it's easier to pick out what they got wrong with the map. I always thought it was strange how close Alderney was to Algonquin. I think the rivers could have been overall spaced out a little bit further from each other. Instead, we got a small river with a little bridge going over instead of something like the GWB, and the tunnel makes a weird turn and goes UP the river just to give the impression that you're traveling a longer distance (it even gets the Algonquin/Alderney border marker completely wrong because of this, it places their border location horizontally and it's not at all lined up with the actual borders of the map)

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