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GTA V Modding Requests & Finds

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  • rudy03

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Posted 3 weeks ago



can we have a mods folder re-loader asi for fast modding, this would allow us to replace props without restarting the game.

it will be a time saver for modders :)

Just press "Insert" while in-game. That reloads all your mods, IIRC.

Do correct me if I'm wrong, I'm new to using mods in the HD Universe.

  • K^2

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Posted 3 weeks ago

NPC possession mod that doesn't need that stupid LUA that never works? o:

You mean, where you take control of the NPCs? (Looking to pick up a code-only request, and this one sounds like it'd fit the bill.)

  • Rush1976

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Posted 2 weeks ago

My brother was modded to level 8000 and he wants to be dropped to level 300, mind helping him out?

  • Gummy 

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Posted A week ago

What are the best mods for V that adds trees or improves the foliage? Can anyone list their recommendations?

  • Mark91

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Posted A week ago

I would like these weapons:

• Colt 1851 Navy

• Remington 1858

• Winchester 1866


  • TheFox

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Posted A week ago


I`m new in the forum.

don`t know if is the right section.

is there anyone available to lvl me up and mod me please?


  • liog

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Posted A week ago

Is it possible to install redux, natural vision remastered and mvga together? If yes, which of those have to install for one? 


  • Glisp

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Posted 2 days ago Edited by Glisp, 2 days ago.



can someone convert the Ford Explorer and the Jurassic Park Jeep to GTA V? We don't have any proper JP vehicles for GTA V. They're all retextures and it annoys me because there's models made for San Andreas and GTA IV that nobody has converted yet and nobody is willing to model them either depite modelling vehicles totally being possible now. Just PM me if you're gonna do it because I don't want to clutter up the forums. Not that anyone is going to because of the awful track record I have on this site for not getting my questions or requests answered.

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