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Anarchy, Socialism, Communism, and community gardens

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Posted 4 weeks ago

You can have solidarity with trans women but not with random men who claim to be women? He is not a trans woman, he is an ordinary, gender conforming man. If you say this obvious dude is a woman then you are somewhat legitimising him. 

You're framing the entire incident as 'women vs. men in drag', though. You talked about 'deadnaming' the person responsible. You implied it was a trans* woman that was responsible for this, so I'm just going off what you've said about the incident. I only briefly skimmed the article, but what I gathered from it is that misguided activists--activism is generally misguided anyway, and largely a waste of time--trashed a women's space. That's a sh*tty, f*cked up thing to do, but it's representative only of those that participated, and no one else. There is no need to draw a line in the sand, there is no need to prop up these 'either you're with us, or you're with the terrorists'-esque dichotomies. It's all nonsense.


Can we talk about something else? Anything else?

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Posted 4 weeks ago Edited by El Diablo, 4 weeks ago.

Can we talk about something else? Anything else?

well, I tried to shift the conversation towards the issue of vacant housing and rampant homelessness.

which easily applies to both the UK and the US in terms of private property exploitation.



there's also these hardcore rebels who gave themselves AIDS in order to receive better welfare from the state than they were otherwise entitled to as "just" homeless people...



so that's pretty fascinating.

if you guys want to keep on this TERF/Feminism/Transgender argument so be it but it's going off topic at this point.

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Posted 4 weeks ago Edited by Triple Vacuum Seal, 4 weeks ago.

there's also these hardcore rebels who gave themselves AIDS


God I hope not. HIV is bad enough. :monocle:



But on the topic of homelessness, it's partly a visibility issue.  The panhandling stereotype minimizes the perceived scope of the problem.  Just because relatively few folks are begging on the streets (but tons in my city), the problem is seen as not affecting very many.  In reality, there are many families just one paycheck or accident away from being in a shelter.  Even at that point, their homelessness wouldn't be visible.  Imprisonment hides the problem too.

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