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  • arminarlert

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Posted 7 hours ago

also for the second act 
armin , myst43 , diamondbullet01 , quiomi 


and finally the doomsday scenario ^^
arminarlert6 , myst43 , bend.man , quiomi
myst43 :
arminarlert6 :

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  • danevans364


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Posted 5 hours ago

Hey guys, I was originally going to go by rockstar timers with these heist but the times don't match up to the heist, also the 8s rule doesn't work, sometimes the times are out by 3s and other times 6s etc. I would like to get your guys take on what we should do and how we should time it, because I honestly think it's unfair for teams if we follow the rockstar timers. I was thinking more a long the lines of manually timing from second players move to second cutscene starts?

I will not be uploading times just yet until we find a way of timing this that is fair and the majority likes :-)

  • tlsehd0906

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Posted 2 hours ago

2Player Doomsday Elite
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