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Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands

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Posted 2 weeks ago

Huh alright.. I'm not sure if I'll go into this prestige mode and replay the missions. Last time I lost interest at about 40% and deleted the game from my hard drive to get me some space.
Gonna give this game a different approach other than what I previously did. I mostly focused on being a sniper and just going from mission to mission to collectible.
I'm definetly going to disable some handholding this time.

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Posted A week ago

^^ it just lets you rank up but instead of going up from lvl 30 its going down until you reach the tier 1, and enemies deal more damage but nothing more, but you can replay all missions again and there are some rewards each 5 levels

Once you hit 35 extreme mode then on out. I'll say this much, being shot within 3 bullets is asinine lol. But it makes you change the way you go about things.

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Posted A week ago

I'm Tier 26 now. Compared to how I would play normally, now I'm locked to recon + snipe, just as I predicted.

Can't say I'm enjoying. If it wasn't for the rewards, I would have it turned off by now. That said, I'd definitely switch it off when I reached Tier 1.

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Posted A week ago

yeah the rewards aren't worth the headache or the boredom.


couple new weapons that you can't customize?

couple of new face masks?

a new scarf?

a new paintjob?


f/ck it.

I don't want to be locked into sniping and stealth.

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Posted A week ago

I'm glad the've changed up the helicopter controls. Landing feels a bit akward now, but dropping out the heli above an enemy base so it crashes and explodes while you parachute into the bushes nearby is still the best way to land :p

For the rest, yes I enjoy it again. Made me realise I even missed it a bit when I first entered Bolivia again. Disabled some HUD elements and plan to think of more creative approaches than snipering until noticed.

Gonna go full MGS3 on this bitch and change my clothes depending on my enviroment.

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