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Trying to modify a script in Lua

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Posted 09 May 2015 - 01:03 PM

The following script is for "Inner Force" by Kokolaty on GTA5-mods.

local inner_force = {}

local subtract_pressed=false
local dict = "[email protected]"
local anim = "meditiate_idle"
function inner_force.unload()
function inner_force.init()
function inner_force.tick()
		subtract_pressed = true
	elseif subtract_pressed then
		local player = PLAYER.PLAYER_PED_ID()
		local pos = ENTITY.GET_OFFSET_FROM_ENTITY_IN_WORLD_COORDS(player, 0.0, 0.0, -1)
		local Table,Count = PED.GET_PED_NEARBY_VEHICLES(player, 1)
		for k,v in ipairs(Table) do
			ENTITY.APPLY_FORCE_TO_ENTITY(v, 1, 0,0,4, 0,0,0, 1, false, true, true, true, true)
				-- param 10 : ignore entity up vector
			AI.TASK_PLAY_ANIM( player, dict, anim, 1, 1, -1, 16, 0, false, 0, false)

return inner_force

Here is what I'm trying to change with this script. The function calling PED.GET_PED_NEARBY_VEHICLES I believe is what tells the script what condition must be met to activate it and I want to replace it with GET_PLAYER_TARGET_ENTITY(Player player, Entity *entity) which if my understanding is proper, means the condition is simply that my character is looking at the target.


Basically I want to make the script target individuals instead of everything. It might be best to use free aiming as the means of targetting but I am still learning. Additionally I plan on working toward functionality to make it possible to add additional forces when a player has effected a target with the first force lifting them but based on what key the player hits.


Example: Player lifts target, press A and force is applied that throws the target to the left of the player or D for right, W for forward and S for behind but only so long as the activation button is pressed.


What are your guys thoughts? Possible?

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