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GTA IV Mission Alternatives Thread

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Posted 2 weeks ago

At a quick scan through, I don't think these have been mentioned:
"Hostile negotiations":- landing a chopper on the roof and dropping through to the top walk way. It seems it was anticipated players might try this, as Dimitri has posted some guys with RPGs on the roof who don't spawn there if come in on the ground. Also gotta love calling Dimitri in response to his text message.

"Pest Control":- instead of driving to the yellow marker, you can drive around and rig Ray's car with a bomb. Although it's quite easy to ambush him at the petrol station, this way he has zero chance of escape:

Similarly in "Dining Out":- you can also use the car bomb on Kim's PMP, you have to go in and speak to the maitre d' first, after which you can go back outside and the car will spawn.

The guys at "Hostile Negotiation" actually do spawn from the ground, just not with RPGs. They are the damn reason i keep dying to that gas canister close by every time.

OT: In "No Love Lost", if you are a ninja, you can gun down Jason before he drives off.
(not sure) In "Out Of The Closet", if memory serves me well, you can actually shoot at French Tom before talking to him if you know who he is. If somebody could confirm, it would be good.
Yes you can shoot him in the head upon entering the door but you might get wanted star too.

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