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Dream Car?

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Posted 22 June 2017 - 11:16 AM

Mine are kind of cliche, but I don't care.

One of my favorite cars of all time is a classic Charger R/T. The body screams with the "f*ck you I'm a badass" vibe. I love how long it is, how bulky it is, and the overall muscular style and power. I am preferential to the 1968, but 68-70 would be perfect.


Another favorite of mine is the Mk IV Toyota Supra. The design alone makes me wriggle with excitement. Wide, low, and flows from front to back flawlessly. Stock or custom, it is a beautiful piece of machinery. Personally I would want it almost entirely stock, maybe with a nice set of custom BBS rims painted in brass or gold, but otherwise stock from the factory.


For anyone who knows me well enough, they know I love trucks. Big, powerful, and 4 wheel drive. The exception to this for me is the Mercedes G63 AMG 6x6, but getting one of those is so incredibly unrealistic that it doesn't make my list. My dream truck is a Ford Raptor. I fell in love with it when it debuted as the F150 SVT Raptor. Came from the factory with a beefy supercharged V8 and 33 inch tires. It looked and sounded menacing, and even with modern iterations it still does. There are many different versions, such as the Roush, Shelby, and Hennessey Velociraptor variants, and I am equally in love with them all.

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Posted 4 weeks ago

It probably would be


Aston Martin V12 Vantage from around 2011. The design is excellent, but the sound is just something else.




BMW M3 E46. Loved it ever since I played Need for Speed Most Wanted back in the day.




And the Dodge Challenger, which is my favorite American muscle car.


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Posted 4 weeks ago Edited by Darth Absentis, 4 weeks ago.

edit: woops, wrong topic


It would be this btw:



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Posted A week ago

For some reason I only have interest for these small compact 90s suvs now. Daihatsu rocky, feroza etc..

I like the way those look, good in city and offroad, 4x4, small size. lots of reasons actually. Some may say its ugly but I like the desing.

Don't know why, but I have zero interest for other cars nowadays. Perfect car for me. 




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Posted A week ago Edited by ClaudeIzABadAzz, A week ago.

I have 3:


1 - 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS




2 -  1973 Holden Monaro HQ GTS 




3 - 1978 Ford Falcon XC Cobra Option 97



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Posted A week ago Edited by NOSRacing_, A week ago.

'95 Viper RT/10


'90 Lada 2108


'94 Nissan Skyline GT-R R33


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