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[WIP|SA] Grand Theft Auto Québec

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Posted 10 May 2017 - 04:49 PM


I have posted an update of the latest progress. Please check the new OP. I won't have time to work on the mod right now as I will be celebrating my 18th birthday tomorrow, then doing all sort of adult sh*t in the following days like papers, papers, papers, college, papers, family problems, papers, papers, getting fired along with all my pals at my job, papers and moving out.


Sorry for double-posting but I want the followers of this thread to be notified about this update. Thank you to everybody for supporting me during the last couple of days and wish me luck with the mod.


First of all, happy birthday! I remember when I was turning 18 I was really excited, but then I realized that I'm no longer a child, but a fully-pledged adult. Now I'm totally content with that, maybe because inside I'm still an infant)


And about the mod... I really dig the map! It looks so GTA-ish. Hope I will finally be able to play GTA in a Canadian city because I was always fascinated by Canada and stuff... And those Sketchup models are also lit!


Overall, I wish you great luck!


Thank you that's nice to hear :)

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