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GTA Editor Video Showcase | Weekly Competitions

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Posted 6 days ago



Hey everyone, Sorry for the lack of talk from me over the past 2 weeks, just been very busy. On an update on this forum thread itself, me and AxelEurope have decided to hold off future contests until the summer has really kicked in, this is mainly due to just lack of entries in our contests, and we feel its mainly because people simply don't have enough time, or busy with life. So we figured for people who do get some holiday over the summer this would be the best time for contests to run. In a total other update for my own personal channel. I know a few fans out there are probably wondering on the state of The Hunt II.. well it's coming is all I can say. I really didn't want it to take this long, but I, like many other people have been very busy with other things. The Hunt II will be with you soon and I am working on Act 8 at this current time, out of 10 acts, you can do the math on how much there is left to do.. so not an awful lot. The previous videos here I will watch eventually but I am focused on trying to get my own video out for now. If you do want tips and help in creating machinima, or want us to check out your work I highly recommend joining the scene director discord. And if you are one of my subscribers, or you want personal help or tips from me, feel free to join NightBeauty Pictures discord, link is in my signature... I am much more likely to respond quicker there than here. Also, here's the link for the scene director discord channel: https://discord.gg/SmdEtNE


I will of course post here as soon as the Hunt II is done, and I hope you will enjoy the sequel to last years film. I wish you all very good health everyone and happy machinima creating if you are doing something at the moment. Take care!

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Posted 5 days ago

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Posted 5 days ago

The end is coming... The full official trailer for Grand Theft Auto Black Phantom is out now.


"Niko Bellic and the team must go above the law in order to dismantle 'Black Phantom'; a sinister terror network built upon the ruins of the disavowed agencies the U.S.A once trusted. With an influential political figure at the helm of a security referendum and the FIB being put under intense scrutiny, Agent 11 must do all that it takes to prevent the enemy from establishing a new world order."


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Posted 4 days ago

Enjoy!! 😬 please comment, like or subscribe


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Posted 2 days ago

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Posted 7 hours ago

After an 8 month hiatus, I finally release the season 1 finale of my GTA Online Machinima series.. Thanks to everyone who made it possible!! There will be an epilogue in a few days with full credits!!



For those who may not be familiar with the series:

GTA Online Web Series is a web series using the Rockstar Editor which tells the story of GTA Online and it's characters. It will feature all the major DLCs such as Lowriders, The Heists, Free Mode Events, Finances and Felony, VIPs and CEOs, and the new Biker's Update. The story will continue to evolve as more DLCs and updates for GTA Online are released.

The Story is about a GTA Online Protagonist who comes from the outskirts of Blaine County with no criminal record and no money. When he comes to Los Santos, he meets up with Lamar Davis who shows him the ropes to living the life in Los Santos and rises to the top of the Grand Theft Auto Universe.

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