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Posted 2 days ago


Platform: PC

Social Club ID: DrVirus211

Timezone: GMT(+2)

Mic: ofc yes

Level: 121

Looking a set of veteran players to do the regular or new CMM (regular or DDH).
Im back to GTA after a while now, i tried to do the old CMM like 10 times but never been lucky with the kinds of people i play with, im just looking for reliable players with lvls as high as mine or higher.

msg me on SC with the type of CMM , i have time to play almost everyday.




Looking for full party(3 players) for Criminal Mastermind run on classic heists.


Platform: PC

Username: RevolutioZ

Timezone: GMT +1 (I can play anytime, 24/7 - just make sure we decide a time before)

Mic: Yes

Level: 261


You need to be able to speak decent/basic english and know the in-game basics. Bulletproof gear, snacks, armor, cover, heist tactics etc. Lvl 120+. Don't matter who host it.

Let's do it!

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