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GTAWikia essay

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Posted A week ago Edited by Curtis, A week ago.

gta wikia is bad, but grandtheftwiki is no better if you consider what I just found.
I checked the Barbara Schternvart page and it said Barbara became an actor after the events of GTA SA. Their only evidence? The fact that Rockstar reused her model for a movie poster in LCS, much like many many other GTA SA models in that game for posters. It's ridiculous bullsh*t. According to that logic, CJ used to be a model for Ammu-Nation shooting targets before the events of the game just because he's seen as a cardboard cutout target in one of the shops. Or what about Tommy Vercetti making and selling dolls of himself as a way to launder money, as seen in Zero's shop?

I can't believe it, this is a whole new level of overthinking sh*t.

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