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Bug List with Solutions [Console]

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Posted 07 February 2015 - 09:22 PM

Ok-- here is the deal. I will try to update this thread regularly with solutions to known bugs with the game. 


This thread is NOT to post your problem but more to consolidate the solutions for known bugs in one location.


It is quite apparent that there are several persistent bugs in GTA V  and it is also apparent that a solution that works for one person may or may not work for another-- so please try any and all known solutions repeatedly if necessary.


I will try to give credit for solutions when due.


The problems and solutions are in no particular order



I do urge everyone on here to NOT rely on the autosave feature (turn it off)-- it would be a good idea to utilize multiple save slots (I use 3) during your play through and rotate manual saves between the 3 most recent slots-- then every 5% or so--- create a new slot and let one of them that you have been rotating move on down the list of saves--- the purpose of this is if you encounter a bug where a mission is missing or you have to go back to redo something-- you will have a save to go back to.


Specific known glitchy missions strings--- Tonya Towing missions, Paparazzo missions, Dom Missions (these can all prevent 100%), and Epsilon missions (Can prevent Platinum tropy/achievement)


I can confirm that the game can randomly skip a mission--- My game skipped the mission meltdown (for Solomon)-- I didn't notice til I finished the story-- Fortunately I was able to reload a save and replay about the last 10 or 12 missions and was able to get 100% because I had a save to go back to.



Problem #1:


Uncalculated Risk (Dom's Last Mission) will not unlock/appear after competing the 13 parachute jumps.





-Please create a new quick save in a new slot

-Load it immediately
-Switch to online mode (Through online tab in the start menu)
-Play at least two missions Online
-Switch back to single player character (Through the start menu ->online tab -> leave GTA online)


Source-- Rockstar Support (posted by jweaver)





1. Start playing GTA.

2. Press X (xbox 360, use whatever button for ur console), to go immediately into online.

3. Faff around for 5 minutes.

4. Press start, online tab, then Swap Character.

5. Create any type of noobish second character.

6. Skip second character tutorial.

7. Press start, online tab, Leave GTA Online.

8. At single player, Hold Down on the D-Pad. FRanklin will hopefully have a "1" on him. (If you've done all 13 parachute jumps as ANY character(s)).

9. Voila.


Source--  Nick from GTA Land





I started up GTA and I switched to online mode with the square button when story mode was loading.

Then right when I got in a game I pressed switch character. Then I deleted my 2nd character. 

I pressed circle which takes you back to the story mode and my missions were there.


Source-- nickkertt






On the official Rockstar forums, a user named xXinsaniacXx have found a workaround for the Dom mission not popping up.  Well, it worked for me anyway!  Here 'tis:


What I did to make the Dom mission finally pop up (paraphrased from Drag0nstarz):

1) Load up the 99.5% save

2) Quick save using the phone into a NEW slot (has to be a new slot)

3) After the save completes, hold down on the d-pad for the character selection menu and chose the bottom one (your GTA Online character) and launch into GTAO

4) Mess around for 5 minutes -- I just robbed a store and then waited to lose my wanted level

5) Use the d-pad AND CHOOSE FRANKLIN to load into back in the single player

6) The mission (w/ the D? icon) was now there and completed it no problem

7) Career Criminal


Hope this helps!


Source-- Rockstar Forums posted by  xXinsaniacXx (posted here by exostar)






Problem #2:


I completed Vespucci Canals race but it does not show as being completed on Social Club Checklist


(This may affect other races as well and may prevent the next race from appearing)



Solution:  I found through trial error that if I hit the "retry" button after failing the race that even if I won it would NOT show up as completed. To get it to show completed you HAVE TO win on your first try. If you happen to fail the race Do Not select "retry"-- you have exit the race and either enter the entry marker again or reload your game and enter the entry marker.  You can go back to the race later (ie the next night) instead of reloading also.



Source-- Spuds725







Problem #3:


I cannot start the mission Minor Turbulence


(In this situation-- I go to Michaels house as Franklin and there is no mission marker available however there is a mark on the map at Michaels house indicating a Franklin mission is available)




+Leave the area.

+Call or hail a taxi and select Michael's house as your destination.

+Select "skip the trip" when prompted (so you respawn in the taxi at Michaels house.

+The marker to start the mission should now be there.


Source-- Steambadger







Problem #4:


Chasing the Truth (Epsilon mission) won't appear

(in this situation-- you have delivered all the cars to the indicated markers but the next mission does not appear)


More Info: This bug apparently occurs if you  deliver the car but don't park the car in the exact spot-- when you park the car you should get a pop up indication to "exit the vehicle"-- if you don't get out when this pop up occurs (ie move the car sligthly) or the pop up does not occur prompting you to exit the vehicle, then the next mission will not appear and you have no way of delivering the vehicle again


Solution: There is no known solution to get this to pop unless you can reload a save and redo the car delivery portion


If you have a save you can reload. When you get to the part of delivering the cars save before starting and then proceed to collect and deliver all the vehicles-- you must exit the car when prompted to "exit the vehicle"-- if this pop up does not occur-- switch to Franklin or Trevor and back to Michael and the pop up should occur-- if it does not-- DO NOT SAVE-- Reload your save and repeat-- The "exit the vehicle" prompt must occur in order for this to count and the next mission to spawn.


Source-- Diyova








Problem #5:

Infinite loading screen 

Infinite loading screen / stuck on installing

(the loading icon keeps spinning, usually the loading images stop moving / installation isn't progressing)

-Gently clean the disc with a soft, preferably microfibre, cloth - even if it's brand new. It's worth trying a new disc, as this problem is commonly a disc fault
-If this doesn't work, delete the game data, turn off the console, unplug all the cables and wait for a few seconds; plug the cables in and install.
-Loading the game while disconnected from the internet can help
-Clear your game data utility (Settings > Storage Management > Applications) reinstall and then boot up the game again.
(Source - RedDaggerKampretJohanRockstar)





Problem #6:
The game loads the first mission and not my save / I suddenly start the first mission in the middle of playing

-Load up your latest save
-Turn off autosaving (autosaving seems to be the issue here)
-Create a manual save
-Load the newly created manual save
-Try playing disconnected from the internet
(Source - Johanjensjacobson)

It bears repeating to see the note at the top of the page about turning off the auto save feature and to ONLY use manual saves and to rotate your most recent save among multiple save slots.





Problem #7:
 I didn't receive the trophy when I should have

-The only solution known so far is loading the latest previous save and completing the final thing necessary for the trophy again and again until it pops up - this can be the 50th collectable, or final story mission; you don't need to do everything over again.
-As usual, try playing offline as well.
-For the 'Solid Gold, Baby!' trophy, try replaying a different mission, reward doesn't matter.
(Source - gevans81RedDaggerSpuds725FlyUS)

Once again-- see note about turning off autosave and utilize multiple save slots-- ALWAYS save right before completing the final collectible (Jump, knife flight, spaceship part, letter scrap, etc)




Problem #8:
Playing PS4, I can't do burnouts / go at top speed

This is a fault with a few PS4 controllers; the controller is defective, and cannot input the fullest press of the trigger - even if your controller seems to work in other games. Unfortunately, you'll need to get a new controller.
(Source - RedDaggerCyoctaneColtonBrown via Rockstar support, )




Problem #9:

I can't switch characters / I can't use the character wheel

-call everyone on your contacts list
-load the game into GTA:Online (while initially loading if necessary), swap characters/create a second character, play for a bit and switch back to Single Player
-load a solo GTA:Online game and immediately switch back
-kill yourself in-game
-create a quick save in another file, and load that

-Let the game idle for a few hours and receive a phone call
-if your previous save is recent and none of this works, it may be best to load that

(Source - JohanRedDaggerHeisenbergermeanman25






Problem #10:

I can't buy a hangar at Los Santos International Airport / the board to buy a hangar at the airport isn't there

The flight school updates made hangars free for all players, it should be available on your map.


(Source - RedDaggerJohanGTA_REEFER)






Problem #11:

There aren't any special cars in my garage / all the special cars are missing

This is normal, in the enhanced version (Xbox One/PS4) all the special cars from Xbox 360 and PS3 are available in traffic and thus aren't counted as special.
If you're on Xbox 360 PS3, the special cars are available through various free DLCs that have to be manually downloaded and are available in the start menu, furthest right tab.


(Source - tails_prower_2040RedDagger)





Problem #12:

I can't buy a car

You need the additional garage to be able to buy cars for each protagonist - buy it first, and you should be able to buy the car.
If you mean the car is missing from the internet, GTA:Online has a wider variety of purchasable vehicles then Single Player and as such Single Player is 'missing' a lot of cars available in GTA:Online.


(Source - gamefaqsRedDagger)




Problem #13


I am not receiving a phone call from the cab company as Franklin to complete a private fare or Properties not calling for missions.


Solution:  (from THIS THREAD)


I decided to write this up because I've been experiencing this for months now and I've finally discovered a workaround. In case you're out of the loop, this glitch basically renders property missions impossible to complete because the properties simply never call you no matter what you do. This also makes it impossible to get the All's Fare in Love and War trophy/achievement.


I scoured the internet looking for a possible fix and came upon several different solutions but none that worked/were possible for me to do. One of these solutions mentioned buying the towing company, doing a towing mission, and then eventually receiving a call from Downtown Cab Co.. Unfortunately, I already bought the towing company so I thought I was out of luck.


I then realized that there are other properties that call you for missions and decided to experiment with those. In order for this method to work, you will need at least ONE of the following properties available for purchase:

  • Hookies
  • LSPD Auto Impound (towing company)
  • Pitchers
  • Smoke on the Water
  • Tequi-la-la
  • The Hen House

Hopefully you will have at least one of these available. Tequi-la-la is probably the one most of you won't own as it costs 2 million dollars to purchase.


IMPORTANT NOTE: I should preface this by saying I personally did this on PS4 and before I completed any of these steps, I cleared my cache (rebuilt database) and restored my console to default settings. How this is done will vary from system to system, but I figured I should mention it in case it is somehow required for any of this to work although I doubt it is.


As this guide is centered on getting the All’s Fare in Love and War achievement/trophy, all of these steps must be completed while playing as Franklin and you must have already purchased the Downtown Cab Co. property. Feel free to try it with Michael if you're concerned about his cinema missions.


You will need an internet connection for steps 8 and 9.


Lastly, I would recommend turning the auto-save feature off as it's infamous for causing game-breaking issues and will make this process easier. I personally kept the auto-save feature on but ran into some issues which were fixed by reloading an older quick save I had.  

Here are the steps you need to follow:


1) Load any save data where you have at least one of the above properties available for purchase. We will refer to this old save as "OS",

2) Create a quick save in a brand new slot. You can do this by going into your phone, selecting the quick save app, and then selecting "Create New Save (x/15)". We will refer to this new save as NS,

3) Load NS by going into the start menu and slecting the GAME tab and then selecting "Load Game",

4) Go to one of the above properties and purchase it,

5) Drive around for a few seconds until you get the text message from the property (you should also probably drive around a bit after getting the text message just to be safe and let the game register the purchase),

6) Load OS. You will now notice that the property you just purchased on NS is available for purchase again since you are back on OS (don’t worry, this is all part of the plan),

7) Now go to your game saves and delete NS (you may choose to keep this save if you like, but I chose to delete it to keep my saves less cluttered and not to confuse it with OS),


8) Use the D-pad (or whatever button/key you use to bring up the character select wheel) and select your online character,


9) Once you are online, you don’t have to do any missions or anything (at least I didn’t have to). I stayed in my apartment for about one real-time minute. After a minute passes, go to the start menu and go to the ONLINE tab. Select “Leave GTA Online”,


10) You will automatically go back to single player as Franklin on your OS. I ended up getting the cutscene where he’s stuck in traffic. Drive around for about a minute and hopefully you will get a call from Downtown Cab Co.


I suspect that it may be possible to get a call/text from one of the other properties you may own as Franklin, such as Smoke on the Water. If this occurs you can try:

  • Reloading OS
  • Going online and then into story mode again
  • Repeat the steps above all over again.
  • You can also just complete the mission you are given from another property and drive around some more to see if you’ll eventually get a call from the Downtown Cab Co.

The beauty of this method is that you have unlimited attempts at it as long as you have at least one of the properties available since you are always creating a new save and then deleting it afterwards. That being said, I only had to do the steps above once. Now I receive calls from all my properties (on Franklin at least, haven’t tried Michael or Trevor yet). This also seems to have fixed certain random events that wouldn’t spawn such as the armored trucks and wallet robberies!


I hope this works for you. I’ve tried so many different things but doing all of the above finally fixed this issue for me once and for all. I'm going to continue to try and test certain methods and update this guide if necessary.


If you don’t have any of these properties available for purchase, I’m sorry   :( Hopefully Rockstar will actually fix the issue so none of this is even necessary.


Thanks for reading!



Posted in THIS THREAD by TheRedMaverick




Problem #14


I am getting  connectivity issues (ie lag) when on GTAO or cannot play GTAO





Verify you have forwarded the correct ports to your console's local IP address-- the console will have to have a static IP address on your network.



The required ports for GTA



PS3-- TCP/UDP 5223, 3478, 3479, 3658, 6672, 61455 thru 61458


PS4-- TCP/UDP 80, 443, 1935, 3478-3480, 6672,   61455 thru 61458


Xbox 360 --  TCP/UDP 3074, 6672,   61455 thru 61458


Xbox One --  TCP/UDP  53, 80, 88, 500, 3074, 3544, 4500, 6672,  61455 thru 61458

For a walkthru on how to forward ports on YOUR router--  http://portforward.c...routerindex.htm
To use this site--

Click on YOUR  Router brand (example: Netgear) (close the ad that pops up when you click this link)
Click on YOUR Router model number
Click on Grand Theft Auto V (for your console) 
On this page should be screenshots of YOUR router--- follow the walkthru--
When done adding ports--- be sure to click on the Save/Apply button to change the settings...




This is a continuous work in progress-- please post any solutions to known problems in this thread-- preferably with a link to the source, and try to be as detailed as possible when listing steps of a solution.

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Posted 11 February 2015 - 07:38 PM Edited by RedDagger, 16 February 2015 - 03:37 PM.

I'll throw in a few common ones here, though a lot of them aren't really 'bugs' as such, just common problems :p
Also, these won't work 100%. Just throwing it out there.
I also can't stress enough Spud725's point on how important keeping multiple constant manual saves is to your sanity - if a problem arises, 99% of the time loading your previous save will make everything fine.


Guess I'll source these later...
Oh, also right at the bottom you spelled 'continuous' wrong - thought it was worth pointing out!

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Posted 16 February 2015 - 02:16 PM

Thanks--- will merge these in-- I would like to have a source link to these if at all possible.


Also fixed my typo :blush:




Merged in your problems/solutions--- thanks for compiling.  :^:


I did add a few little notes here and there.


Also--- this problem


Playing PS4, I didn't receive the trophy when I should have  


Is not specific to PS4--- so I removed "Playing PS4,"

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Posted 16 February 2015 - 03:39 PM Edited by RedDagger, 16 February 2015 - 03:40 PM.

Sourced them all, also updated my 1,2,3 and 5 (your #5, #6, #7, and #9) to reflect the sources!

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Posted 21 February 2015 - 01:24 AM

Been working alot the last several days-- will try and update your sources tomorrow.... thanks again.





Updated with your changes and link sources-- Thanks again.

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Posted 10 September 2015 - 02:14 PM

This thread is for posting solutions to known problems ONLY--- do NOT post your problems in this thread---


Split off one to its own thread.

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Posted 08 October 2015 - 12:05 PM Edited by ExplodingSquid, 08 October 2015 - 01:07 PM.

Edit: didn't read the OP, sorry.

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Posted 08 October 2015 - 12:24 PM


Can anyone help?!


Please read the OP and the post above yours:


This thread is for posting solutions to known problems ONLY--- do NOT post your problems in this thread---


Do not post Help and Support questions in this thread.



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Posted 03 November 2015 - 01:50 AM

Regarding Problem #8 you don't have to buy a new controller. If you're comfortable with opening the DS4 then you can buy the part here and replace it yourself. It's a lot cheaper than buying a whole new controller.

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