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Distant License Plates spotted

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  • Murciélago


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Posted 17 August 2016 - 06:20 AM



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Posted 20 August 2016 - 10:40 AM

Russia, 777 is Moscow if I remember correctly.



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Posted 03 September 2016 - 08:41 PM

Spotted another car with an american license plate from Connecticut here in Aveiro, Portugal. The car was a Audi A4 2012.

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Posted 03 September 2016 - 08:58 PM

Around a year ago I spotted a Convertible '65 Mustang from California. Happiest day of my life :')

  • SouthLand


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Posted 03 September 2016 - 10:54 PM

Today was a nice day.

Mini Cooper with California plates and a Russian Harley Davidson (55 number).
I couldn't take pictures of the Bike, and i was tired and didn't stop for a pic of the parked mini.

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Posted 04 September 2016 - 03:36 PM

I remember when I was in sanatorium (or 'fat camp') back in April 2012, when my group was on the walk, we've spotted a red Ferrari F430 on US plates parked by an restaurant (I don't remember the state, 4 years memory gap). I've had some pics with it, but they were on the now-deceased phone of mine.

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Posted 3 weeks ago Edited by Giantsgiants, 3 weeks ago.

Sorry for the necrobump, but this is such a cool and unique thread.


The most distant license plate for me was a Nissan Skyline R32 with a Japanese license plates. I spotted it on the side of the freeway near San Francisco. Didn't get a picture of it though.


Edit: These are not as distant, but still worth mentioning. 


  • I saw a car with a U.S. Virgin Islands plate in downtown San Francisco.
  • When I was in Costa Rica, I saw a car with Texas plates.
  • Hawaiian plates are actually a relatively common sight in the Bay Area. I run into them here and there.
  • I used to always see this car with Vermont plates around my local library.



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Posted 3 weeks ago Edited by K1FFLOM, 3 weeks ago.

During a holiday in Texas years back, I saw an Alaskan registered VW microbus in a parking lot at Big-Bend National Park.

If I remember rightly it was the parking lot right in the south with the river where Mexico is a stones-throw away...

And vice-versa I saw a Mexican-registered SUV on the Top-of-the-World Highway somewhere between the settlements of Tok and Chicken, both in Alaska.

  • SouthLand


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Posted 2 weeks ago Edited by SouthLand, 2 weeks ago.

AS summer is closer, you start seeing 77 Russian plates everywhere





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Posted 2 weeks ago Edited by K1FFLOM, 2 weeks ago.

I tend to see such plates before christmas time.
Also those from St.Petersburg...

When they drive through Germany to get to the Swiss Alps for their New-Years party.
You see loads and loads of high-end SUVs on the Autobahn during that time.

Also you see loads of Russian trucks with 61 and 39 plates.
Common are also trucks from Kazachstan and this odd Iranian truck I see every other month. I guess it is always the same one.
Never managed to get a picture though...

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Posted 2 weeks ago

I saw a car from Rio Branco, Acre in São Paulo, it's a 3.500km drive.

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