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What was GTA 4 Multiplayer like to you?

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Posted 27 November 2015 - 01:02 PM

A sandbox city full of kids.
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Posted 6 days ago

I came here after just playing another few hours on it lol. It's the only multiplayer I can enjoy endlessly, like I have to force myself to get off after a certain time. GTA V's multiplayer is too annoying to me, I don't care about jobs or ranking, etc. I just want to cause chaos lol. But yes, the hackers are still there by the dozen. Sucks when I'm finally getting comfortable in a lobby but they cause me to find a new one :/

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Posted 6 days ago Edited by Zolika1351, 6 days ago.

Everyone either running away or charging at me as I mow them down with my Micro-UZI in a Bohan Team Mafiya Work where the phone broke for some reason so it turned into a TDM

And getting sniped from a roof because blips are off/far and sneaking up on the sniper after respawning to shoot him in the back

And of course to showcase the worst netcode in existence, ramming someone with a bus only to have them kill me while ragdolled because they weren't actually hit by said bus

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Posted 6 days ago

Pure fun. No obligations. No worries just doing stupid fun things. I haven't enjoyed it recently because I had to turn the Xbox One internet off to avoid that sh*tty music update but I may load it up on Xbox 360 and play MP.


But yeah it was what fun looked like before it became Grand Purchase Auto with bills and penalties. I had to take advantage of a glitch to truly enjoy GTAO like it should be because otherwise you'd have to work like you do in real life to get everything you want and that's just not what a game like this should be about. I've got a degree and career to pursue in real life. I don't want one in a game too, especially if it's not even remotely enjoyable.

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Posted 6 days ago

To be honest, after playing SAMP for years I found it to be pretty underwhelming, but I respected it for what it was, simple and to the point. I also didnt mind it too much because of how inmersive and addictive single player was for me back then.
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Posted 6 days ago

I joined a random GTA TBoGT freeroam lobby.

None of us had microphones.

Somehow, 10 of us managed to go ahead and 'RolePlay' robbing a bank, so we all ended up having a wanted level.

We got to the island with the abandoned building, had a big shootout with the FIB. Then 4 of us took a boat and drove off, the rest of the crew has died on that island (probably).

We got off the boat, and I took a nice Admiral for us. We still had cops on us.
I was so proud of being the driver. We were on a high speed chase troughout Liberty City. Then we got into a helicopter, and flew far from the map until we lost the wanted level.

When we lost it, we flew back to LC... everyone jumped out and had parachutes... except for me, so I ended up dying too.

f*ck, I want to play Multiplayer again but no one plays it...


Compared to V...utter dogsh*t IMO.

At least it functioned from the start. GTAO needed a two week delay and it was still a broken piece of sh*t full of issues.
Anyway I haven't played GTA IV MP in years, but it was such a load of fun. I'm not normally into multiplayer gamse, but even though I don't typically like playing with strangers in GTA IV MP it was a blast.
Atleast GTA V isn't a boring empty nightmare.

You'll see after GTA:VI comes out. GTA V MP is basically throwing your money at some useless sh*t you can use for killing kids online.

OT: Fighting over the Buzzard at the airport in TBoGT.
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Posted 5 days ago

I joined a random GTA TBoGT freeroam lobby.

You picked the wrong episode fool :p

f*ck, I want to play Multiplayer again but no one plays it...

Well, if you're on PC, there's a discord with some active people:

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