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GTA Confessions.

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Posted 22 hours ago

To be honest I miss Osho's over the top, GTA IV/HD era rambling. It was always hilarious how emotional and serious he presented his views whilst making a complete ass of himself.


His essay long posts trying to prove Niko to be the worst written character ever, his anally obsessive need to compare GTA IV to Mafia III, his insecure San Andreas fanboyism. All priceless. Wherever he is I hope he's entertaining folks as much as he entertained us. ;)

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Posted 19 hours ago Edited by Queen Elizabeth II, 19 hours ago.

his anally obsessive need to compare GTA IV to Mafia II


Comparing Grand Theft Auto IV to Mafia 1 or Mafia 2 is fine, but.... to Mafia 3? This game (M3) is worst than the worst Grand Theft Auto.... why would he even do that? Funny.





I prefer all the GTA 3 cars over the V ones. Except Stallion and Blista Compact for reasons.


I really like cars in GTA III - they are really well done. 

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Posted 11 hours ago Edited by Dragonex100, 11 hours ago.

- I prefer Vanilla GTA 4 to any of the DLC
- GTA 3 is way too outdated and frustrating for me
- Las Venturas is my favourite City in San Andreas
- GTA Vs map feels way too small and overall was a huge disappointment
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