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[XOne/PS4] Learn how to make an attractive female character

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  • silma

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Posted 3 weeks ago

That's a funny topic, I didn't know kind of this one existed... Just wanted to participate to that portraits collection, even if I couldn't tell you which parents or basis or anything because I have no idea :)




Keep in mind sexy doesn't mean vulgar, and then everyone rock :)

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  • Trophytruckblonde

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Posted 2 weeks ago Edited by Trophytruckblonde, 2 weeks ago.

I used this guide along with all the suggestions that everyone made so a big thank you to everyone. 


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  • ezfaun


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Posted 2 weeks ago

If anyone gets this reference, you are the best. If not, it's o.k. then.


Her name is Henrietta. Under Section 2 Cybernetics, Social Welfare Agency.





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  • Ryhan'ZFX

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Posted A week ago

Wow! sorry a bit off-topic, but i'm really surprised by the graphic of gta v...it look real and beutiful as f*ck, especially the female character ...for example; in single-player and heist we have Molly, Debra, Tracey , Amanda and Michele/Karen Daniels and sometime random female NPC+Your's online character...they all look miraculously atractive and gorgeus! unlike the butt-ugly-old-cheesy graphic of gta 4...may i know what kind of graphic engine R* is using?

  • malcolm_tucker


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Posted A week ago

Top thread, unfortunately I didn't see it before making Wendy but I think I did ok regardless;



I can't remember what settings I used but I'll look it up if anyone's interested. I hit the randomize button probably 20 times (some real shockers popped up lol) and finally got to one that was halfway there, then I spent about two hours(!) taking time to get her right

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  • cswood

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Posted A week ago

Misty Master Race lol





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  • Tonktastic

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Posted 6 days ago

That's my girl

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