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The GTA V Secrets and Mysteries Hunt

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Posted A week ago Edited by Soulshroude, A week ago.

"Maybe the final DLC will be apocalyptic. Wouldn't that be some sh*t? Here's one third of the scrapped SP DLC, and look, we have conveniently destroyed the map of souther SA so everybody is forced to move on to RDR2.

They wouldn't, would they...?" ~AUScowboy~

I wouldn't put it passed them, no. An eager wait for both RDR 2 and GTA 6.
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Posted A week ago

Also, what's the thing with the pirate map?

It's a new tattoo they added.

Yooooo this has to mean something
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Posted 5 days ago Edited by polaris23, 5 days ago.

What do you guys think of this? It was found on Reddit first:

Good Hombre
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Posted 2 days ago Edited by Good Hombre, 2 days ago.

^ It's just a bug or something, I've seen the same lights under a barber shop.


What about this ''swamp creature''? Found it on Reddit too.

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  • killso

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Posted 2 days ago

These lights under the map are the stars in the sky, since the sky is a dome, you can also see them under the map. 

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  • confederatestatesgta

    garou the badass hero hunter from one punch man.

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Posted 2 days ago

im sorry if im not supposed to post this here. i dont know where else to put it. but i found a cool little reference to one piece. i was listening to non stop pop recently and the dj said something interesting.


"I just love Vinewood! The sun shines, the people think I'm intelligent because of my accent, and everybody pretends to like you. It's like a toy town run by some smiling psychopath."


if you dont know what its referring to i will explain. in one piece there is an island the crew visits called dressrosa. the island is ruled by an evil king doflamingo. and he smiles a lot. and one of his crew members is able to turn people into living toys. it was a crazy part in the story. i thought it was very cool. does anybody know what im talking about?

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