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YEAR: 1980


GENRE: Heavy Metal




1. Lightning to the Nations – 4:00

2. The Prince – 6:27

3. Sucking My Love – 9:35

4. Am I Evil? – 7:21

5. Sweet and Innocent – 3:13

6. It's Electric – 3:50

7. Helpless – 6:05



One of the albums that changed my life.


United Kingdom, 1980.

We're in the golden age of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, While some bands like Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Motörhead and Saxon definitely made it and got into the mainstream scene, other bands like Angel Witch, Praying Mantis, Tygers of Pan-Tang and Tokyo Blade drowned in the limbo of the underground scene.

The most underrated of those bands, however, are definitely Diamond Head, later known as Metallica's greatest musical influence. I would describe this band as the link that joins Led Zeppelin and Heavy Metal. Their most famous album, the one I'm about to review, is Lightning to the Nations, known as "The White Album", due to the lack of an actual cover.


I won't write hundreds of lines, I think these reviews are made for a quick read and to tempt/encourage other people to listen to these album we chose; what I'm going to say is that if you're into classic heavy metal and hard rock from the early 80's, then this album's definitely for you.


Why has it changed my life? Because I tried so hard to find other bands with a sound like this, and apart from Angel Witch I still haven't found another.

Songs like "Sucking My Love", "Helpless" and the terrific, monumental "Am I Evil" will tell you more about the golden age of Heavy Metal than anything or anyone else. There are more guitar riffs in these songs than in an entire discography of a moder days metal band.


Rough sound, fresh songwriting, originality, great guitar work, pounding drums and clean, earthshaking vocals will lead you into 40 minutes that every hard rock/metal fan should know by memory!

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Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons (2000)
By: Blonde Redhead

I started listening to this album after I learned that Rick and Morty used this particular song for one of their characters. I like that song and I decided to give the album a try on Spotify.

This one is the 5th studio album released in the year 2000 from an alternative rock band called Blonde Redhead. At first glance, you can see that this album has dark and grim tone to it, and I can tell you that it will getting darker at the end. The album itself contains many variations of genre, from Alternative Rock, Post-Punk, Electronica, Dream Pop, to the grim Chillout tune as the closure for this album. Although the first 10 minutes of the album are very enjoyable with the flow that match on each songs, the rest have an off-putting flow that makes the album flow very stagger, especially with the inclusion of Electronica and Dream Pop in the middle of grim rock ballad.

There are several songs that definitely deserve my highlight:
- "In Particular", the 2nd song of the album which has a dark-ish Dream Pop tune to it which complements the intro very well

- "Melody of Certain Three", a fast-paced Rock tune that reminds me of later years Blur but with more pace and cheer-y grim tone

- "For the Damaged", a very dark song, accompanied with the slow-paced acoustic, somber vocal, and dark lyrics that represent the album very well.

- "For the Damaged Coda", the song that became popular thanks to Rick and Morty. Has the same formula as the previous song, but only has scream for help as the lyrics which is why I said that this is the perfect ending for a dark themed album.

The last two songs I mentioned goes well together, but alas, both are separated by another song which breaks the flow of the album. Fortunately, someone did a God's work and combined these two into a wonderful masterpiece.

Now, I'm not a fan of something dark and gloomy, and this album is no exception for something that I might heavily consider to get despite my love with some of the songs on this album. Besides that, I recommend this album if you want to find something new to add into your music collection.

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