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Dumb drivers you've encountered?

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Posted 3 weeks ago Edited by Cudwieser, 3 weeks ago.

half of the other side of the road is blocked because of people working on it, yet half of all people going in that direction just do not f*cking bother to stop, just because there is no board actually telling them to give the people coming from the other direction priority, even though this is just a mandatory thing to know


Some stupid idiotic bitch in a BMW almost hit me like that...really, if it was not for the fact intentionally ramming assholes is forbidden and me not having much interest in filling in all the papers for that sh*t i honestly would have refused to brake and just see what would happen.

To add to that, yet an other bitch was right behind that one and kinda wanted to pass to.


Must say it was quite admirable seeing that last one squeezing trough such a tiny gap that she actually kinda drove over the concrete weight of the temporary fencing of that place and probably scratched her cars wheels a bit(i hope) and if not that, at least really did something that can't have been healthy to do with a coupe, so yea, guess she earned a pass  :santa:


I really should go more Gandalf on such kind of idiots though, in the end the car i am driving is damaged already anyhow.





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Posted 3 weeks ago

Another lane opens up to exit the highway. We get off when you're supposed to. Ugly piece of sh*t 00's Audi Allroad is almost beside us and decides to move over on us and quick too. Did he not look? We pass him and he gets in the turnaround (in a thing in Texas) but his stupid passenger tries giving us the bird.


Drivers like this make you have less sympathy when wreckless drivers crash and hurt themselves. Who gives idiots like these licenses? That's somebody I'd like to key tf up and I couldn't give any less of a sh*t how "passive aggressive" that would be.

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