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Am I the only one… [Big Smoke]? <Spoiler>

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Posted 3 weeks ago

First time I played the game I can't say I was expecting it but it wasn't a shock either when it happened as I had picked up on some of the clues that others have mentioned but hadn't worked out their relevance. Once the reveal took place in TGS I instantly thought of things such as the house in Idlewood, the cosiness he seemed to have with Tenpenny and Pulaski and had an "Ah, of course!" moment.

A lot of people were just hypnotized of his good personality. To me, however, I didn't buy his "good" personality a single tenth of a second. In fact, that just made me suspect him even more; the way he was being overly nice to CJ is enough evidence for his betrayal. For Ryder, there were no prominent clues to his betrayal. The only clue I could think of is in the mission Reuniting the Families when he and Big Smoke rode away, leaving CJ to search into the hotel for Sweet.

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Posted A week ago

Someone might of already said this but in the beginning Smoke throws the bat on Beverly's (CJ's mom) photo which is kind of foreshadowing. 

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