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Temporary CP for ALL vehicles? [Android v1.03]

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Posted 27 August 2014 - 07:58 PM

Today i played trough the last mission except End of the line and i was taking over the last territorys while the riots were active and i saved at Marina's Beach save house.
After that i took a car and drove around and i noticed that while i was in the car, i got no damage from bumps, i got no cosmetic damage and explosions did nothing.
When i got out of the car it lost it's CP.
I tried it with bikes and other vehicles and it's the same.
So know i am thinking is it a glitch or intended?
Cause it only happens at that save spot, when i save somewhere else the vehicles aren't CP.
I am running the game on Android v1.03 without mods.
Maybe someone can check if it is the same in pc version.

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