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Is Dimitri Rascalov the biggest backstabber in whole GTA series?

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Posted 10 hours ago

No Lance vance is. Dimitri gradually by betraying you midwayuntill the final confrontation. Lance jumps ship and sides with Sonny forelli right in front of your face at the final moment. The first time I saw that I was like "oh hell no!"

I'd say that depends on who you ask. Hell, maybe Tommy Vercetti's one of them.

What's that supposed to mean?
It all depends on the person's perspectives. Tommy, despite his intentions, stabbed Sonny Forelli in the back.

Yeah but Sonny had him set up and he served time for 15 years and when he got out Sonny used him so all's fair....

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Posted 10 hours ago

No. Lance Vance and Big Smoke are.

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