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Expectations Vs. Reality

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Posted 21 August 2014 - 03:47 AM

*Okay, so before I get into things, I just wanted to say that if this topic is in the wrong place or isn't really good for debate, please move it elsewhere or lock it (you feel the need).*


Anyway, I just wanted to ask, are our expectations dependent on the way our society shapes us? Is it our fault to have optimism? Or should we be realistic about our situations and accept reality?


I will give an example. An immigrant family wants their son to grow up in America (or any developed Western nation) and be successful. They want their son to go to college and be better than what the family was used to in their native country.


When they move to a better place, they have better expectations that life will be better. However, reality is different. When they move to a better place, they soon realize that Western society has the same ills as underdeveloped nations in certain aspects. Their expectations were shattered by reality.


Is it their fault?



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Posted 24 August 2014 - 12:38 AM

Is it their fault? No.


To have high expectations, is merely human, but to compare and or feel pressured to except "reality", over expectation, is a state of mind. Look around at the blissfully ignorant, as my main example there.


"America", is merely a plot of land, as is Mexico, Canada, and the rest. The "State", creates borders, wars, social difficulties, short comings, disorder..... Only in stories based on fantasy, can any one person, move freely, live freely, without any oppressive hand at play in their life.


The recent so called "Illegal Immigration Crisis" going on, and it isn't just in (America), is merely a long standing plan, coming to fruition, to finally conjoin the North American Continent, into one, "State" body of land. Any one who wants to question my post in the least, you don't have to listen to me, the owners of your world, write books......  :miranda:







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