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Your Top 5 Favorite Cars, and WHY you like them.

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Posted 3 weeks ago Edited by Scaglietti, 2 weeks ago.

I'm very picky with it comes to the cars of GTA Online. Out of over a hundred cars, there's only a select few that I like and I really only own my favorite cars. Here are my top five favorite, in order:


5. Benefactor Stirling GT





Why? I mean just look at it! This is probably one of the most aesthetically pleasing cars in the game. There's not a line on this car that doesn't look right. I remember when Rockstar debuted this car with the Ill-Gotten Gains announcement. I nearly screamed. The best word to describe this car is beguiling. Everything is beautiful from the Benefactor diamonds to the side pipes and the overall classic shape of the car with those gorgeous gullwing doors. But of course looks aren't everything. This things drives like it's on rails. It needs no performance mods whatsoever, I like it the way it is. And as if looks and handling weren't good enough, the way it sounds makes me melt. Nearly every time you life off the throttle there's a myriad of snaps, pops and crackles. Nothing is better than an exhaust that backfires like that. I'm still amazed with this car and am hoping Rockstar makes a modern SLS AMG or AMG GT S version of it because I am partial to modern cars when it comes to driving.





4. Grotti Bestia GTS





I've been waiting forever for a proper modern Ferrari outside of the Carbonizzare. This is another car where I nearly jumped out of my seat when they unveiled it. And needless to say it lived up to all of the hype. Given a proper tune and, of course, the Ferrari treatment (Lozspeed Mk.V Sports Class rims and a Ferrari-inspired paintjob: Bianco Fuji) there's little I dislike about this car. It drives like a dream and has all-wheel-drive so you can go rallying if you want. It's also a rocket ship once you tune it. I've outrun a lot of people in this thing. It sounds beautiful too, like a proper N/A V12. When it comes down to looks it's definitely polarizing. Some love it, others hate it. Personally I've always loved the Ferrari FF and this is almost a carbon copy so you already know. It's a car that begs to be driven, and when you're not driving it you just want to look at it.


3. Obey 9F Spyder





Honestly, I overlooked this car until just a couple of weeks ago. I got bored and decided I wanted a new car I've rarely driven before and this was at the top of my list so I bit the bullet and bought one. I cannot believe how much I underestimated this car. In the right color (I tried to replicate Audi Individual Teak Brown) and on the right rims (Diamond Cuts) it looks perfect. It's a simple looking car. Not overwhelmingly beautiful but it doesn't look bad, that's for sure. What really makes this car for me is how it drives. Everybody wants a sports or super car that holds your hand. In the past those cars kind of required experience and thus were more rewarding to drive. Anybody can drive a Zentorno. But I've heard people rant and rave about how much this car snap oversteers and then understeers. It's a bitch to drive and I think that's what makes me like it so much. I'm all for the experience of driving, not track times, not getting from point A to point B as easy as possible. And this car delivers. Surprisingly at low speeds it's no more difficult to drive than an Asterope. But at high speeds it becomes a mad man. Of course a major reason why I bought this car is the lack of a roof. I love convertibles, especially sports car convertibles. And the flat plane crank N/A V8 engine note? That's a definite plus.


2. Ocelot Lynx





I know it sounds stupid, but as if this car was made just for me. It's a sleek front-engined grand touring coupe with quad pipes that let out the gnarliest noise imaginable with design cues to die for and very fun to drive handling. A small car with a big V8 shoehorned into it. What more do you need? This is exactly the car I've been asking for since launch. I think I've driven this car to death, that's how much I love it. I try not to drive it as much anymore because if mileage existed in this game it would have most miles out of all of my cars. I think another huge reason I drive it so much is the rear fascia. I mean it is literally perfect. Look at it (above)! From the big pipes to the taillight design, the diffuser, the unibrow brake bar on the black roof that lights up, even the letters L.Y.N.X. Many people describe the performance of this car as average but I'll say that's probably because they were expecting better specs and numbers due to the high price tag (which I forgot about a long time ago). Specs and numbers can kiss my ass. Yeah I upgrade the transmission and slightly upgraded the engine but otherwise this car handles like a dream and is very quick. I mean, all-wheel-drive would've been a plus but then there would be no donuts, which this car is very good at I must say. Probably not my best description of this car. All I really have to say is that it's damn near perfect.


1. Progen T20





Considering I'm not much of a hyper car guy both in the real world and virtually, it's a bit of a surprise that this is number one on my list. But when I look at it, drive it, watch that wing come up and hear the screaming exhaust I go nuts. This is a car I had planned out before I bought one. I knew I'd spec it this way with a McLaren Volcano Orange metallic paint job, dark steel S Racer Sports Class rims, a roof scoop, a hood snout and Ferrari 458 Speciale sideskirts. But alas I still wasn't expecting it to be that good of a car, just something I drove a few times and eventually forgot about. Lolno. I could not have been any more wrong! The moment I drove it I fell for it. It's been my favorite car ever since. No car offers more precision and thrill and presence for me. It's so sophisticated looking and feeling and one of the most dynamic cars on the road. And the versatility. It handles beautifully at high speeds but it's so docile at low speeds, maybe even more so than the 9F. Something about the design of this car never gets old. All of those lines. It's just like a McLaren P1 which is one of those cars that you could tell was shaped by aerodynamics and was so intricately designed. I'm not a huge McLaren fan but their attention to detail and design is astonishing and I must say, Rockstar nailed it with this one. I vote for more modern Progen cars in the future.





Well that's enough of me going all wax poetic over a couple of virtual cars. :) Hopefully this list changes in the next coming weeks, I've been waiting for the next car update that's supposed to be coming and I've been dying for a new favorite car.

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Posted 3 weeks ago

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Posted 3 weeks ago


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Posted 3 weeks ago

My top 5 in preference would change on my mood but the 5 cars i love the most would be
Sultan rs
Banshee 900r

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Posted 3 weeks ago Edited by Goingcrowd9, 3 weeks ago.

I'm not 100% sure (there are so many!) but this is my list for now, in no order:

Franken stange
- the sound, the engine (block), the rear tires, it's just the everything about it...

- such a nice car, I think it's both a shame to not use the tons of customization available but also to put any (exept a custom roof) on it at all, so I have 2 (again, after I lost them for no reason and got a 'refund' of 224.000 $)

- one of the supers I enjoy most, in fact, it's the only super I -currently- own.

Sabre turbo (normal/custom)

Shafter v12

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Posted 3 weeks ago

hmm, I'd say my top 5 are:

  • Tropos - cute, small, very fast offroad and onroad and of course, popup headlights
  • Pigalle - it's a Citroen, very fast and very unique
  • Warrener - lots of cool mods, classic japanese car, its a sedan
  • Stirling GT - fast, fun to drive, gullwing doors
  • Futo - i just like AE86es

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Posted 3 weeks ago Edited by oMass3y91, 3 weeks ago.




05. Canis Mesa Merryweather (Cageless & Roofless Variant)


I have loved this land boat for as long as I have had the game. One of the first vehicles online I tried to get and a big thanks to the early GTAO community for making that possible. I am a big fan of Jeeps in real life - though I don't own one, my girlfriend does - but the regular Mesa and the Seminole (which my second character owns both) just can't compare to the Merryweather. Having it roofless to fit the game's California vibe and especially cageless so it looks like a civilian vehicle and this is easily my favorite off road vehicle in-game damn the driving.
04. Pfister 811
Good God has this thing quickly grown on me. When I first saw pictures of what the new in-game Porche would look like, I was very disappointed. I am not one to praise spoilers, but the body shape of the 811 became more unique in my eyes as I test drove it, and it easily had a home to stay in a super car only garage; which no longer exists, however my 811 lives on. When I ended up putting a Miami Blue based color on it, I finally fell in love. This, along with how I personally feel when driving it, the 811 has become the newest vehicle in-game to make it in my Top 5.

03. Albany Roosevelt Valor
Now, needless to say, if it wasn't for the Valor, the original Albany Roosevelt would be parked in the number three spot here. This vehicle is just so damn sexy. It really is. A classic that I have always loved in real life but know I will never own. I didn't buy GTA V on release day but shortly after and I knew for a fact that once I started playing GTAO I would never return to single player, so I wanted to beat single player first. I came very, very close to doing so, however, Rockstar announced the original Roosevelt as a limited time only vehicle and I decided it was time to start playing GTAO. I went against my goal and spent real money to get my hands on it and I don't regret anything. I have had it since there was only one property and now I have fourteen properties between two characters and I'm still just as much in love with it as I was when it first came out. The Valor had to replace it for the customization options alone, but with the same exact paint job as I have had on my original Roosevelt since day one, I consider it an upgrade as opposed to a new vehicle.
02. Truffade Z-Type
This is the first vehicle I wanted in GTA V; single player or multiplayer. I am the first generation of my dad's side of the family to not be full blooded Italian (I am an American citizen, half Italian and half English decent). Anyways, this thing just screams Italian American mobster. Having it black, silver, white, that's too basic, I was never interested in that. It has been very close to how it looks now since the get go, and I bought this vehicle at the same time as the Roosevelt. Another purchase I have never regretted even when there were only 10 possible garage spots. Whereas the Roosevelt is the vehicle that made me start playing GTAO when I did, the Z-Type is the vehicle I was most interested in owning in GTAO.
01. Albany Alpha

As you can see, it's been a long time since Rockstar has topped anything they've dished out in the past in my opinion. When the Albany Alpha came out, I immediately fell in love. It was the first thing I purchased from that DLC within the hour it was dropped. I love Cadillac vehicles, and even though I am not a huge fan of the car the Alpha was based off of in real life, holy sh*t if I could own an Alpha in real life I would. Maroon is a prestigious color in my eyes and the only color suitable for my Alpha. All of my Top 5 in this post have stock wheels, and the Alpha also has my favorite stock wheels in the game. My main cruiser. My favorite vehicle in GTAO since March 2014. The most fitting vehicle for my main GTAO character with his criminal and golfing lifestyle in San Andreas.



My favorite color is blue if anyone wanted to take a wild guess.  :whistle:

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Posted 3 weeks ago Edited by SendMeYourDachshunds, 3 weeks ago.



Invetero Coquette Blackfin.


Looks really clean, and the engine gurgles when you slow down are just incredible.






Benefactor XLS


A boring, basic looking SUV with deceptively good accel and handling? Sounds like my kinda vehicle.






Albany Alpha


Beautiful car, some nice modifications, and pretty good performance. Enjoyable to cruise through the hills and city. Hugely underrated.




The photo really doesn't give the colour justice. It's actually a really deep purple. Will try to get a photo in better lighting.




Ocelot Lynx


God this thing is so satisfying to drive. Great performance in races too, in most cases.






Vapid Contender


I brought this thing because it looks so damn awesome. Kept it because it is bloody brilliant. Massive acceleration, plows through most collisions, and is really enjoyable to thrash pretty much anywhere on the map!






It alternates between these two colours. Love.


Honorable Mentions 



Sorry some of the photos are super naff, it's late, i'm lazy, and couldn't be bothered to wait until daylight for better results. Soz.

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Posted 2 weeks ago

Updated my post. If I have any honorable mentions it's the Coquette. It's a guilty pleasure car. I just had to have one and it's a joy to drive.

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