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Your Top 5 Favorite Cars, and WHY you like them.

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Lord Darantuin
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Posted 31 May 2017 - 06:23 PM

I've had many favourites through the years and I think preferences change from time to time so my fave list probably won't be exactly as it is currentlly, say a year from now. Anyways, the cars on the list are in no specific order since I cannot tell which of these I like more than the others:


Futo - Fun and exciting little tuner, lots of customization options and it keeps you on your toes... Looks good and is never boring to drive around with.


Blista Compact - I don't generally like FWD cars but there's just something about this CRX screaming for attention. The sounds are great and the handling is top notch. It's just overall very fun to cruise around with, revving that engine and busting those corners in this retro nugget


Coquette - It's like an untamed cat beast. Super fast, lightweight, loud and aggressive. As with Futo, driving this car is very exciting and sobering, it's quite unforgiving but handling those corners and overtakes at top speed feels very rewarding.


Schafter V12 (Armored) - This car is 100% TCB and 0% bullsh*t. It's fast and reliable, handles better than most of the cars in the game, and being able to take 1 direct RPG shot without exploding (along with bullet resistant windows) makes this car one of the best all-arounders in my books. Not to mention it looks very good and elegant.


Warrener - Once again, looks very good, drives amazing. If you need a getaway car - search no more, you've found it. This car handles off-road and on-road with equal finesse. I love it.


PS. There are so many cars in this game I absolutely love driving around, I didn't mention a single muscle here even though most of the cars that I own belong to the muscle class. So as you might have figured out, I did have a hard time trying to think of what to list here because I have so many cars I like to drive around with.

  • 79'Blazer4x4

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Posted 31 May 2017 - 07:21 PM

This is in no particular order, and it's really tough to decide on 5 favourites, but here it goes:

Dukes - The '69 Dodge Charger is my favourite real life car, so the Dukes has to be on my top 5 list(I've gained quite the obsession with Ford Mavericks too, but there's nothing like that in game). I only wish the "bug catcher" mod didn't have such poor textures.

Peyote - I love real life Thunderbirds as well, and the Peyote looks great in a soft pink with white secondary colour. I also love the classic interior(which is shared with a few other cars such as the Hotknife, which I also love, but won't make this list).

Slamvan Custom - I absolutely adore this thing. It looks stunning, sounds mean and drives amazingly(not in the racing sense, but it's really drifty and fun). The ability to replace the crap modern interior with a nice classic interior is a godsend, and the base hydraulics allow for 3 great looking suspension positions(low, stock Slamvan height and raked).


Turismo Classic - Based on the Ferrari F40, which is a beautiful car. It's also a blast to drive, it handles great with some challenge to it. I love the way the hood opens as well and the ability to change the interior colour.

Nightblade - Not technically a car(though you could say the same about the Slamvan) but I love this thing, it's just the perfect combination of classic cruiser bike and batcycle. For some reason this is also the only bike with high resolution liveries.


Here's one I don't own but love the look of, so it gets an honourable mention:

Franken Stange - This thing just looks so badass, and the liveries all look amazing, I hope I don't forget to log in and buy it this Halloween like I did last year. I just imagine myself flying around in this while playing Dragula in the background, haha.

  • majong12

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Posted 31 May 2017 - 08:51 PM

5: Sultan RS: First Benny's car, and it drives nicely. It's one of the best looking cars I own.

4: Tampa: Favorite muscle car. The sound and the looks are the best features, along with the driving experience.

3: Turismo Classic: My favorite supercar irl, so seeing it in GTA is a treat. It's also very fast, as a plus.

2: Casco: A 50s-60s Italian sports coupe/grand tourer, so it had to be beautiful, which it is. The driving is fun and not many people drive this car, sadly.

1: Elegy Retro Custom: This car is my dream car irl, and when this car came, I had to get it. The car has so much customization, but I kept mine simple. It's also one of the fastest sports cars around a circuit, being an Elegy. This car is great.


    Player Hater

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Posted 01 June 2017 - 12:01 PM Edited by JASONROCKS1998, 01 June 2017 - 12:02 PM.

5. Bravado Duke O' Death - The perfect muscle car in every way
4. Grotti Turismo Classic - Incredibly fun car to drive + it's an F40
3. Dundreary Virgo Classic - The most stylish car in GTA IMO
2. Grotti Cheetah - Same as below
1. Progen GP1 - Looks amazing and handles like a dream

  • ryannata

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Posted 01 June 2017 - 12:24 PM

1. Truffade Nero (Custom) : Good Acceleration, moderate top speed, normal looking race car

2. Karin Kuruma (Non Armored) : My daily drive, it's low profile, keepin' it sleeper, pretty fast too if you know how to handle it

3. Vapid Contender : The fastest offroad pickup i've ever driven in GTAO

4. Casco : The sound of it makes you want to drive it faster, Poweeeeerr!

5. Progen T20 : I keep it low profile, sleeper supercar, the looks of it quite intimidating, but it's not like the zentorno, that's why i love it

  • Jarlaxle


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Posted 01 June 2017 - 03:03 PM

It's always changing of course (so many vehicles to choose from and new ones dropping) but these are the ones that I always find myself coming back to. Don't have photos of them all though. 


  • Dubsta/Dubsta 2 - Rugged looking, yet luxurious vehicle. Good traction on wet roads and decent off road. Carries four people. Tall enough to provide good cover when rolling up to a war zone. I have a collection of 20 Dubstas in one of my office garages.
  • Phoenix - My fav muscle car. I mostly drive the clean one without the spoiler, but occasionally use the mean matte black on with the bug catcher.
  • T20 - Fast AF and sleek.
  • Windsor - I'm rich bitch! Got three of these in various colors. Love those paint-able liveries! Wish they'd add that feature to the Dubsta.
  • Armored XLS - Speedy little armored SUV for getting CEO stuff done in sessions that are filled with sociopaths.


She's my #1 fav. Love those wheels and blacked out trim.

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  • ajheadshot777

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Posted 01 June 2017 - 04:01 PM

In no particular order...


1. Osiris - Fast, smooth, and looks amazing.


2. Elegy Retro - Performance, looks, customization options.


3. Contender - Reminds of my truck irl and stupid fast for a SUV/truck.


4. Mamba - Sound, speed, looks, and drifting.


5. Trophy Truck - Take it to the mountains and have a blast.

Cryptic Entries
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Posted 01 June 2017 - 07:12 PM Edited by Cryptic Entries, 01 June 2017 - 07:13 PM.

I don't really care much about performance so most of my choices are based on aesthetics.

1. Benefactor Stirling GT: Looks and sounds amazing.

2. Declasse Mamba: One of the most fun vehicles to drive, and it sounds really nice.

3. Invetero Coquette Blackfin: It's a classic corvette.

4. Ocelot Lynx: The looks sold it for me.

5. Pegassi Tempesta: Probably the only supercar to stay in my garage for over 3 months :p

  • Tokasmoka


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Posted 01 June 2017 - 08:08 PM

I can't remember all the names but:


Osiris - my #1 car, love the look

Blade - If speed isn't a factor I love driving around in this.

Carbonizzaire(god I suck at spelling) - sleek looking convertible

Nero Custom - got mine in a chocolate brown

Buccaneer(chopped) - by far the best looking lowrider in the game

Psymon xD
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Posted 01 June 2017 - 10:32 PM Edited by Psymon xD, 01 June 2017 - 10:33 PM.

No particular order because its hard enough to narrow down to 5


Invetero Coquette - I love the C7 styling irl and since day one I have always loved the coquette, one of my oldest cars in my fleet.


Pegassi Vacca - I feel like this is one of the few true supercars of gta, i personally think the styling is on point of modern supercars and is just one hell of a looker. 


Grotti Turismo R - another car that i feel is a true supercar in terms of styling and road presence, hard to imagine it as a gta Laferrari but i do love the look of this thing.


Pfister Comet Retro Custom - this one takes the spot over the regular comet(as much as i adore it) this is the car i dreamed of in gta, a classic 911, as a Porsche fanatic, it was a dream come true.


Lampadati Felon - A 'daily driver' if you will, a fast, stylish, italian sport saloon, what more could you ask for, it gives me the 159 meet quattroporte vibe.


​Honorable mentions (because it was hard to just choose 5)

Protogen T20 - such a faithful adaptation of the P1 which just makes it a fantastic car, not to mention a first with active aero.

haia1jj.jpg  Lampadati Tropos Rallye - a first with pop ups, an immediate heart throb for me, just a pure, fun and gorgeous sports car.  


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  • giantsandman13


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Posted 04 June 2017 - 06:26 PM

Before i list my top 5 cars i just wanna say this thread is really awesome and its really interesting to see what cars people like

Now heres my top 5 cars

5) Jester Racecar - Its a very easy car too drive and i usually can get a strong finish out of it in sports races unless i royally mess up lol

4) X80 - I have not raced it but its my 4th fav because of how it sounds and how it looks ... It looks like what would happen if a racecar got it on with a spaceship ... And it sounds completly different then all the other grotti's in the game which is refreshing

3) Dominator Racecar - I like this car alot because of how fun and challenging it is to drive ... In races for me i do fairly well in it and have pretty decent controll over it plus that top speed tho

2) RE7B - This thing absolutely flies ... Its cornering speed is unbelievable ... I really like this car and much like the jester i can do fairly well in it unless i royally screw up

1) Nero custom - This thing is amazing ... Ive always liked bugatti's and to finally have a competitive one in gta is awesome ... Too me its the best sounding and best looking car ... Again like the others if i dont mess up during a race i can do pretty well in it

Forza Harrd
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Posted 05 June 2017 - 02:20 PM

I've kind of switched gears since I last posted in here, I'm mostly just stunt racing. I spawn, I go to the pink circle, I race wherever the lobby I end up in takes me.


X80 Proto, Bati 801, Seven-70.


After yesterday's racing marathon I literally can't think of any other street vehicles in the game worth writing about. And in no particular order. Those are just the three I have to have (I don't understand why my 2nd's Seven-70 is so much more successful than my Main's. I don't know if it's the paint or the wheels or a different spoiler but my 2nd character is dominating the Sports class with hers, Main character can't catch a break with his. Main character does better with Elegy Retro I maxxed out for duping a long time ago, but still not as fast as 2nd's Seven-70).

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