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Bank Heist Preparation PS3

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Posted 20 August 2014 - 10:15 AM

8 robbers ( Including me ) ( If this is done well, I will record this for the next time we do it, but i will have to be a pair in every role , to record first person footage :D


IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE A PART OF THIS MESSAGE ME ON PS3 : " Bank Heist " and send me a friend request to

PSN : Relentless1267

You must have a mic, and will have to be friends with everyone in the lobby as we do not want friendly fire

I will start a group chat for all participants and will choose the roles I think will be suitable for you! 


Clothing : Flight suit , Black skull Mask

Weapons : Carbine rifle - Flashlight , Extended clip , Scope , No suppressor, Sticky bombs, Jerry can

Vehicles  : We will all travel to the bank on black motorcycles at around 4 pm


6 hostages : Casual clothing 

Actions : Panicing, Crying, 


2 officers : Blue shirt, Standard body armour , Black hat, Black trousers, Cop shades, Black boots


We will leave our bikes in the nearby alley and casually walk down the street


4 men will enter from the front entrance

4 men will enter from the back exit 


We will run inside the bank and will fire our rifles in the air to intimidate the hostages


• 2 men will guard each door we entered 


• 2 men will head upstairs to the side of the vault door and identify the bank manager 

  They will demand him to enter the cash registers and the safe which will be holding 200,000 dollars in total

  Once the money has been collected the bank manager will be brought down stairs with the other 5 hostages


• 4 men will demand everyone to get get against and face the wall and will place a sticky bomb on each of their backs


• The 2 men who are guarding the door will switch positions with the 2 that robbed the cash registers and will use a Jerry     can at the tills to get rid of any evidence


• They hear sirens outside

Two cops enter from the back entrance but and are hit in the head by one of the marksman robber shooters

After this the 4 who placed the sticky bombs quickly select a hostage and tell them 

" You have 30 seconds to go out there and tell them that there are hostages in the room and i have a bomb attached to me, if you do not let the robbers out the bank he will blow all of us up " 

Go i'm counting! 30.... 15...... 5, 4, 3 ,2 ,... Just on time!


Once the hostage arrives they light up the fire and exit via the front door back into the alley

The hostages are put onto the back of the bikes with a robber and the remaining robbers escort them to the beach


At this point there is an explosive chase between the cops and robbers 

The robbers drive their bikes into the ocean, leaving the hostages to swim out back to land

The only way of disposing of the vehicle


• All 8 robbers pair up onto 4 jet skis and head for the airport where 2 evac choppers are waiting for them to arrive

• Once they lose the cops they head to blaine county and quickly dispose of their suits and change back into casual clothes

• At a bar in blaine county they  split the money and celebrate


• The next scene plays - From Nowhere - Dan Croll 

Where all 8 robbers are in zentornos cruising down the street


IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE A PART OF THIS MESSAGE ME ON PS3 : " Bank Heist " and send me a friend request to

PSN : Relentless1267

You must have a mic!


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