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[REL|GTA4] EFLC Weapons on IV

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Posted 3 weeks ago Edited by Lorenzo3024, 3 weeks ago.

This mod will add 17 new weapons converted from GTA EFLC, including original animations. They won't replace the original weapons. You can spawn in using the Simple Trainer.


How to install?

1. You have to extract all the files in the folder "v 1.3" into your IV's directory.

2. Add the file "throw_grenade.wad" to the Anim.img.

3. Add the Weapon(.ivaud) to the Resident.rpf.

4. Enjoy!


The Weapons

Episodic_1: Pool Stick

Episodic_2: Half Pool Stick

Episodic_3: .44 Amag

Episodic_4: CZ 75

Episodic_5: Gold Uzi

Episodic_6: P90

Episodic_7: Sawn-Off

Episodic_8: Shotgun

Episodic_9: AA-12

Episodic_10: AA-12 Explosive

Episodic_11: Sweeper

Episodic_12: M249

Episodic_13: DSR-1

Episodic_14: Grenade Launcher

Episodic_15: Molotov Launcher

Episodic_16: Sticky Bomb Launcher

Episodic_17: Sticky Bomb (it has got two bugs: he'll explode after 5 seconds and the 3D model is the same than the normal grenade)


How to unistall?

You have to copy the files (in the folder "Backups") into the IV's directory.


EFLC Weapons from GTA4-Mods

Simple Trainer V. 6.5 by sjaak327

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Prince Gumball
  • Prince Gumball

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Posted 3 weeks ago

Nice, but what is Mega Native Trainer? SNT?

  • Lorenzo3024


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Posted 3 weeks ago

this is the trainer :) 


now i add it in first post

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Posted 3 weeks ago

hello lorenzo :)
great work brother but, hmmmm ,not working with patch 4 ,i already test it with fresh savegame<start from begins

hope you will fix it :) ,,or i choose to go back to patch 7 :D 

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