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really need some building mod questions answered..

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Posted 16 August 2014 - 12:02 AM

ok so a while back to get some laughs from co-workers i took an added mod (a ferrari dealership) and changed some of the textures to make it look like the rental car company we work for.. one of the guys is a tech-savvy kind of person and made the comment that the building itself should look like our building.. few nights ago i decided to do this.. used Google SketchUp to make the original model, i imported this into 3ds max.. now what? i cant really find any tutorials on what i need to do.. im not a complete noob to modding, even though my only other mod came up a fail. i was trying to model my car into the game, which i did, and it was drivable.. but the tires were invisible and when you looked through the headlights you seen the street under the car..


ANYWAY, back to the point... is it easier to replace a building in the game or add a new location? how do i add my own textures on to the building? like do i need to add uv maps like with car textures? and by the way for some reason GIMS will not work for me.. always says file error that its encrypted or something when i try to open odr files.. so i figure maybe just easier to add new location..


any info.. links.. wish i could find vid tutorials like there are with modding cars but cant find any at all.. but anything will be appreciated.. thanks in advance..

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