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The Next GTA Location

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Poll: Where will the next GTA be set? (661 member(s) have cast votes)

Where will the next GTA be set?

  1. San Fierro (45 votes [6.81%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 6.81%

  2. Las Venturas (36 votes [5.45%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 5.45%

  3. Vice City (311 votes [47.05%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 47.05%

  4. Liberty City (19 votes [2.87%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 2.87%

  5. Carcer City (11 votes [1.66%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 1.66%

  6. Los Santos (2 votes [0.30%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 0.30%

  7. North Yankton (5 votes [0.76%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 0.76%

  8. Other United States metropolitan adaptation (please specify) (32 votes [4.84%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 4.84%

  9. City outside of the continental United States. (16 votes [2.42%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 2.42%

  10. Multiple cities in the United States (130 votes [19.67%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 19.67%

  11. Multiple cities outside of the United States (17 votes [2.57%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 2.57%

  12. London (37 votes [5.60%] - View)

    Percentage of vote: 5.60%

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  • AUScowboy


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Posted 4 weeks ago

I wouldn't play a GTA game set outside the US. No other country's culture is big or well known and appreciated enough by the masses to satirize to the degree GTA does it. Sorry, but...brass tacs.
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  • LaBombaRomba

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Posted 4 weeks ago

I want them to do something different, maybe a part of Asia? Japan to be specific?

Arthur Fookin Shelby
  • Arthur Fookin Shelby

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Posted 4 weeks ago

I wouldn't play a GTA game set outside the US. No other country's culture is big or well known and appreciated enough by the masses to satirize to the degree GTA does it. Sorry, but...brass tacs.

Lol they don't spoof it because it's "appreciated by the masses".

  • DERGaming

    Niko Bellic

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Posted 4 weeks ago

I love London but I would get very confused with all of the London things other than that London sounds great but again the money the language the way they do things up there can onece again can get confuseing for me

  • Aebian

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Posted 4 weeks ago Edited by Aebian, 4 weeks ago.

I would really love Washington D.C. or Toronto.

Canada and the Mountains would be a nice setting.


But D.C. and the White House would also nice. Could be a successor for the GTA  V "Vote XY for President" campaign that John Cranley / Sue Murry. have.


Well let's see what R* has in place.

Tha Dude!
  • Tha Dude!

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Posted 4 weeks ago


Shyabang Shyabang
  • Shyabang Shyabang

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Posted 4 weeks ago Edited by Shyabang Shyabang, 4 weeks ago.

The Bay Area in California


San Francisco (San Fierro)




and across the Bay Bridge is one of the most dangerous U.S. cities: Oakland

I lived here for a year.


Shyabang Shyabang
  • Shyabang Shyabang

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Posted 4 weeks ago

If you cross the Golden Gate Bridge


then you can see the Pacific Ocean:



and Muir Woods:


  • TigOleBitties

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Posted 4 weeks ago Edited by TigOleBitties, 4 weeks ago.

Please don't do Vice city again. Florida has such a boring terrain... maybe for GTA 7, but I certainly dont want another warm weather paradise installment

Capital City (DC), Chicago, Boston, or Vegas (in that order)
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  • Hodgey.

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Posted 3 weeks ago

Even before GTA V i was hoping they would create a city where they've never been before and I still hope that will happen next time around.


For me I would like to see it in Hawaii.


Here's why:


  • Never been there before in a GTA game
  • Possibly same sort of feel as Vice City without go back to Vice City and recreating Vice City. Which doesn't need to be done as it's already perfect.
  • Multiple Islands
  • Mixture of landscapes; City, Jungle, Suburbs, Countryside

  • Vahnstad

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Posted 3 weeks ago

They will most likely recreate Vice City and I think it's too early to have the entire USA map (or even with only the 5 important cities we already explored in past GTA's). Yes, it's done in the Crew, but not in the same detail a GTA world will need to have. I rather want them to focus to make a city in a bigger scale than on multiple cities or even entire USA maps.


I think San Fierro is also quite unlikely because it's chosen by Watch Dogs 2 to recreate in their game. If San Fierro will be included, it will be part of a multiple cities plan. Las Venturas is not big enough to be included in a stand-alone edition. Other cities are simply enough not iconic enough. And I doubt they will ever pick cities outside the USA.


I hope they recreate Vice City but with much bigger detail, and that they maybe include more smaller cities in the map (San Fierro (GTA III)-size / Broker (GTA IV)-size). And that Vice City will be the biggest city ever created (or at least the same size as LS and LC). I hope they will include some countryside (Everglades) and the Keys. And they can maybe add an island inspired on Havana/Cuba (but if they choose to create Havana, it should be big as well, and it should clearly have different culture with other cars/people spawning).

  • Shaggy12001


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Posted 3 weeks ago

Give me San Fierro,Las Venturas,and the countryside in between. The Birthplace of the Angels of Death and the capital of gambling.
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  • Ivan1997GTA

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Posted 3 weeks ago Edited by Ivan1997GTA, 3 weeks ago.

As much as I'd hate to see Liberty City again in modern day, I wouldn't mind if the next game in LC takes place during the 70's, or maybe take notes from GTA2, Rick and Morty and Futurama (with numerous references to it) and set it in the 3000's.
It would be interesting, with New Liberty City replacing Old Liberty City, with noticable changes:
-The pedestrians are much more diverse, not only consisting of humans from all around the world, but also robots, aliens and mutants.
-Most of the old, decaying Liberty City is seen in the sewers, now populated by sewer mutants, with some callbacks from GTA III, LCS, IV and Chinatown Wars.
-The Broker district would be expanded, with the old parts of Broker turning into a historical amusement park, loaded with anachorism.
-There would also be a head museum, featuring numerous callbacks to previous GTA games, including a cell of criminals, with ones like Tommy Vercetti, Claude, etc.
-Some LCPD officers can go to ridiculous degrees, like they'll kill a person in order to arrest him.
-Most of the music made in our time would probably be considered classical music in the 3000's.
-Some districts have been renamed, including: Purgatory into Nerdhole, Little Italy into Little Bitaly, and Chinatown into Little Neptune.
-There will be numerous purchaseable places to stay, including an underwater house, a robot apartment, which seems small until you open up the closet, an Escher-esque apartment and a fantastic apartment located in Alderney.
Although, with that said, it would sound way too ridiculous for R* to put it in a GTA game, and is more likely to be sold under a different name, as a non-canon game. If that were the case, the game would be called "Grand Theft Hovercar: Liberty City 3000" or "GTH: LC3K" for short.
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  • GloryBox94

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Posted 3 weeks ago Edited by GloryBox94, 3 weeks ago.

I would prefer Vice City in modern days, more than 80's. But if it's time for another town, I would like a ficticional city based on Boston.
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  • gta66

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Posted 3 weeks ago




  • cameron1233

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Posted 3 weeks ago

Location of the future GTAs









Here, you can discuss the possible location of the next GTA games. Do you think that R* should revisit old location from a previous game- like Vice City or would you rather like a completely new location which we have never seen before? Do you think that we will ever see a GTA set in Europe, Asia? 
I, for one, would like to see a completely new location, maybe the UK seems interesting since we have barely seen any of it in GTA series (last time back in I era). I am a bit worried that if it was set in Vice City, it wouldn't have the 'right atmosphere' as it had in the 80s, but maybe it's not a bad idea at all.

I would love if it is in vice city and there is a trophy and if you unlocked that you can wear tommy vercettis miami shirt

  • Giantsgiants


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Posted 3 weeks ago

Wow, rediscovered this thread and managed to find my first post I made back in 2014. A lot of the cities I've been thinking of have already been suggested, and I still stand with my U.S. territory suggestion, but I also suggest...












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Wolfsbane Franklin
  • Wolfsbane Franklin

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Posted A week ago

My idea is rather than restricting the game to cities, R* would expands to states which you can travel between. They already gave North Yankton and I doubt they will abandon that world in VI. So it will goes like this:

1) Liberty State (LC and surrounding cities and towns)
2) Vice State (VC and surrounding cities and towns)
3) San Andreas (LS, SF, possibly LV and surrounding cities and towns)
4) North Yankton (New state capital city and surrounding cities and towns, possibly a explorable Ludendorff) What do you guys think? Would it be cool that four states to mess around rather than just a few cities.

Shyabang Shyabang
  • Shyabang Shyabang

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Posted A week ago

Tokyo is a very safe city. If Rockstar includes Tokyo as a safe city to fly to, then I'd agree to it.

  • ColePhelps

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Posted A week ago

80's/90's Chicago or LC, not another warm environment until GTA 7.. would feel like V too much 

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  • LOboo

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Posted 3 days ago

I want San Diego and the border with México, but it will be Vice City.

  • TheHumanIsland

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Posted 3 days ago Edited by TheHumanIsland, 3 days ago.

New York or Miami, please.


I would like to see a liberty city that does to IV LC what IV LC did to III LC - that would be an epic, amazing thing to see. The leap forward from III to IV was nothing short of generational, and VI as LC would be no different at this point. A LC even just on their current tech and artistic prowess/standards would be amazing, let alone how it would be by the time it actually comes out.


Vice City is sorely missed, I'd like to see the 80s tackled again there, but wouldn't mind a 90s or contemporary setting either.


I don't want to see LV or SF unless it includes the map of GTA V with it.


I don't want to see anywhere else because I know that's not a smart move to restart their entire development after increments toward what we have now.


That is what people need to understand for once: GTA is NY, Miami, and Hollywood/LA before anything else. Vegas and San Fransisco made A LOT of sense for early 90s. The mob movies of the time, the rapid change going on in SF at the time. 


But GTA is the "media capitals" - that is what the game is based around, that is why it works so well.


And Vice City seems like something fun they did, we haven't seen it iterated on, it just seems like they went for a vacation and the real game is LA and NYC, the places that the supply and settings that supply everything this game is, the things that are NOT found anywhere else in the world, and better known by the whole world than anywhere else. Sleeping Dogs as a GTA Game would have been more f*cking stupid than it already is because just as that game fails to really be relate-able to anyone but a small portion of the world, the same would be true for anywhere else other than the LA and NYC we know, and the 80s miami which was iconic and is STILL very popular in places of the world who are still living like Miami Vice is still a thing, especially back then - back then, people around the world were just then getting that 80s miami tv stuff which made it work because Americans REMEMBERED it and people like, for example, Russians and that region of the world, were experiencing it all for the first time or still living it. Vice City in the 80s worked because of what Miami WAS in the 80s.


ANYWHERE else in the world will not feel "known and familiar" like LA and NYC do for every person in the world. It just would not hold the same weight or be as relate-able anywhere else, it just wouldn't.


If you go anywhere else, it will not be the same series... And with the research they do for each iteration, you should all already know that they are not just going to throw away what they have been working on for so long just to start over somewhere else at this point.


Other series with GTA-like gameplay by Rockstar? Sure. Go anywhere with that.


GTA? Don't mess with the locations that make it work - nowhere else works. 


If you think other places would work, then you pretty much classify GTA for the wrong aspects, and don't realize what it is exposing and parodying, really. 


A move elsewhere would be a bad, bad move for the series.

  • reform

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Posted 3 days ago Edited by reform, 3 days ago.

Voted Vice City, but I want that to expand to the wider state of Florida or whatever it's called in GTA.


Aside from Vice City itself, I love the idea of fan boats and aligators in the everglades, the Vice Keys, theme parks in Orlando, maybe Tampa if there's space for a 3rd city. There's a lot they can do that was never really touched upon in GTA:Vice City/Stories.


If not VC/Florida, then I'd also love to see what they can do with Chicago through to Detroit.

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  • evd

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Posted 3 days ago

Tokio City
Probably around 2020.

Shyabang Shyabang
  • Shyabang Shyabang

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Posted A day ago

Mr. Fartenhate
  • Mr. Fartenhate

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Posted A day ago Edited by Mr. Fartenhate, A day ago.

A move elsewhere would be a bad, bad move for the series.

Absolutely f*cking not.

In this post you've essentially said anyone who wants a GTA in a new, original location isn't a true GTA fan. Literally. That's the dumbest sh*t in the world.

Since when were Las Vegas and San Francisco not media capitals? Since when was Miami a media capital? Since when was depicting an area with high crime rates or ample stuff to work with (like DC, Philly, Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, so on and so forth) a bad thing? Since when was GTA about the story being set in a media capital? It's a f*cking crime game!

And even then, who cares about the recognisability factor? Sure, they played a big role in the big landmarks of past games but R* also captured the nuances and small things of their locations. That's why GTA IV wasn't just Manhattan, that's why V wasn't just Hollywood. And whose to say that San Francisco or Las Vegas aren't more recognisable than Miami? You could name several landmarks from SF or LV, but to look for landmarks in Miami apart from 'the beach' would require a Google search.

You're also completely overlooking the recognisability of other places. Chicago is the 3rd largest city in America and you're acting like making it would make the game unrecognisable. You're acting like nobody knows about New Orleans, Philidelphia, Detroit, Boston, and so many other untouched cities. You're acting like places like Baltimore and Cleveland - which are practically unknown in the public eye - wouldn't be great places to set a GTA. You're acting like Atlanta, my top pick for the next GTA, isn't a media capital itself!

f*ck this.
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  • Yinepi

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Posted A day ago Edited by Yinepi, A day ago.

I rather have something outside America. Only time Rockstar ever did it was with London back in 1998. Time for Rockstar to try something new because Miami, New York City, and Los Angeles are old. Overused in media to point where they have no uniqueness and sense of mystery and no sense of awe. Countries like England and Russia and Australia are ripe for satire. 195 countries, yet every game we're stuck in the same one that has been covered to death by international media.


If we must for whatever idiotic reason stay in U.S. then my vote is for HD Anywhere City, which could maybe be based of Seattle. Parachuting off Space Needle could be really fun.

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