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RLRP- Recruiting, realistic life roleplay clan

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Posted 14 August 2014 - 02:18 PM

 Hello One and all, 

I am the co-founder of Hawk Gaming Community and the one and only founder of The Real Life Roleplay.(RLRP) In this clan you can buy cars with points you earn as you play clan games and you can have jobs or even be a cop. You can even be a politician striving to make Liberty City a better place. This is not only about cops, but also about civilians. Why do you need cops if you dont have Civilians? Here, We have cops cause it is needed to maintain rules that civilians should follow. In this clan you cannot be gangster and no stealing cars or breaking rules.


Members Requires-

1. Steam Account (for in-game browser, to experience a better real life feeeling)

2. Simple Native Trainer

3. Some Roleplay Sense


  Why are you waiting go apply now at www.bankofliberty.enjin.com

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