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Design your own gang

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Posted 23 January 2017 - 10:10 AM

*Location:Grove Street,All of Las Venturas and San Feirro
*Favorite radio station:Radio Los Santos
*Cars that they drive:Turismo and "The Red Sabre"
*Weapons:Glocks,Mini Guns and Bats
Extras:They are friends with the Grove
Missions that they are featured on:Literally every mission except end of the line and the first basic missions

  • LeakyLine

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Posted 24 January 2017 - 07:15 AM

*Name: 3rd Street Saints
*Location: Temple
*Favorite radio station: Radio Los Santos
*Cars that they drive: Picador, Greenwood, Buccaneer, Esperanto, Landstalker. All purple with wire wheels.
*Weapons: Desert Eagle, Bat, SMG, Combat Shotgun, Sawn off Shotgun, AK47, Country Rifle
*Extras: Sometimes mistaken for Ballas while in-game. Differences being 3SS purpe is lighter and they aren't hostile to Carl. They're allied with GSF and VLA and will assist Carl in-game in gunfights against police and enemy gangs. Can be recruited like GSF members.
*Missions that they are featured on: Riot and End of the Line, providing assistance alongside the VLA.

Absar J Khan
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Posted 24 January 2017 - 07:48 AM

Cars: Infernus, elegy, sultan, turismo, super GT.
Weapons:Tec 9,Uzi,Pistol,Ak47
Colors: Green,Red,Black
Locatión: All around Los Santos.Specially in Ganton
Business: Drugs dealing,gambling,Stealing.
Alíes: Corrupt Police,Vagos,Ballas,Russian Mafia.

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Posted A week ago Edited by iker557, A week ago.

*Name: Qing Zhongzu Boys

*Location: Juniper Hill, Ocean Flats, Palisades, The Strip, Julius Thruway.

*Favorite radio station: SF-UR, Playback FM

*Cars that they drive: Turismo, Infernus, Super GT, Elegy, Sultan, ZR-350, Banshee.

*Weapons: 9mm, Desert Eagle, Bat.

Extras: Mainly involved in illegal street races, illegal betting, vehicles import and export, they own automobile dealerships, affiliations with Triads.

Missions that they are featured on: Zeroing in, Test Drive, Customs Fast track, Puncture Wounds.

  • CoolMods

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Posted A week ago

Seville Boulevard Families


models (csdope, blue2, blue3)

favorite radio station : Radio Los Santos, Playback Fm

Weapons : glock-17, uzi, baseball bat

cars they drive : Greenwood, Sentinel, Glendale

Evil empire
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Posted A day ago

*Name: Sons of North Korea

*Location: San Fierro, Chinatown & Liberty City, Chinatown

*Favorite radio station: None

*Cars that they drive: Any kind they find useful, depending on their purpose

*Weapons: AK-47, SMG, M4, sniper rifle, 9mm w/o silencer, shotgun


Extras: Like ther name shows it this gang is a heap of spies and agents working for the North Korean government whose primary goal is to weaken the american army


Missions that they are featured on: They are thought to have manipulated/blackmailed Mr truth to get the green goo, so far no report has been found about their intentions with it.

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