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Anybody Excited?

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Posted 12 August 2014 - 10:10 AM




Because of the modders and money glitches there is no update today...

Money glitches were patched, Try again next time.


By who? God? Rockstar did the patching, which is less time for the bug team to work on other things.




Honestly, modders and glitchers serve a useful purpose, especially when game breaking glitches like God Mode and invincible Zentorno's get out there, or when expansive mod menus reach a large audience. Essentially, the modders and glitchers are "testing" the game, and once the particular mod menu or glitch gets out to the general public, it gets fixed. You can't really blame the exploiters for exploiting things that are exploitable. It's just human nature, and it leads to these things getting fixed. It would be infinitely worse if people didn't post these things on Youtube, and a small number of people monopolized their use, and flew under Rockstar's radar but screwed up every lobby they were in for the lifespan of the game. 



A few weeks dealing with rampant God Mode is actually better than if these game breaking glitches were only practiced by a small enough number of people that the issue itself never actually got patched. Maybe these exploits occasionally lead to a delay of a week or two for an update, but they actually make the game stronger, and it is totally inaccurate to blame these exploiters for the infinitely delayed heists. Exploits may set a patch back a couple of weeks, but they absolutely would not set a particular content pack back for 9 months. 


I didn't say anything about heists. I understand that, but wouldn't it be better if there isn't a "how to" for every glitch easily accessible to everyone?

Also, I do believe Rockstar has a team for checking bugs already.

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Posted 12 August 2014 - 10:14 AM


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