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Opinions please: should I buy a Buzzard now?

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Posted 12 August 2014 - 10:02 AM

The Buzzard is probably one of the best purchases that I've ever made in GTA Online that wasn't a car (I love majority of my cars that I don't really regret buying any of them.) I bought the Buzzard back in December when it was at a discounted price of $1,312,000. Been very helpful during missions like Trash Talk, Docks to Stock (1 & 2), Wet Work, American Export, etc. and even in free roam during the Independence Day Event. Without it, I wouldn't have gotten my beer hat. 


There are a lot of upsides to having a Buzzard, but, like everything, it has its own downside. Which is the hefty price, but I and a lot of other players will say that it's definitely worth the price and x hours of grinding. You'll earn your money back in no time. 

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Posted 12 August 2014 - 10:07 AM

I would say buy. It makes a few missions real easy solo - trash talk, crystal clear out 2 and 3 and mixed up with coke a breeze and way quicker. Other missions it is good for as well.

It pays for itself quickly too.

Also good for the kill targets too. I often use it for this.

Best purchase I made.
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Posted 12 August 2014 - 10:09 AM

Buy it
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Posted 12 August 2014 - 10:39 AM Edited by toolateaxeincar, 12 August 2014 - 10:40 AM.

Well sir, marginal utility is great. But should we go that far when the only thing that begs answering is how fast will you repay for buzzard while grinding?




Yes, we should. Let's say Bob and Joe both have exactly 1.75 million in the bank. Bob buys a buzzard, and Joe doesn't. They then both play Chopper Tail 100 times (and in this toy model, do nothing else; no additional expenditures etc etc).


After 100 Chopper Tails:


Bob's money => $0 + (100 * $17,500) = $1,750,000

Joe's money =>  $1,750,000 + (100 * $17,500)=  $3,500,000


But this is misleading. We don't want to know how much money they have after the same amount of missions; we want to know how much money they both have after the same amount of time. Otherwise we could just say "Hey I bought a Super Diamond for doing Chopper Tail and it's paid for itself in 15 missions!".


Let's now say that it takes Bob three minutes to complete Chopper Tail in a Buzzard, and Joe 5 mins without a Buzzard, and compare those figures. 


Bob's mission/hr is 20 (60 mins divided by 3 mins). 

Joe's mission/hr is 12 (60 mins divided by 5 mins).


So in one hour:


Bob makes $17,500 * 20 = $350,000

Joe makes $17,500 * 12 = $210,000


So buying the Buzzard makes Bob and extra $140,000 per hour. If these figures are correct*, Bob's Buzzard will have truly paid for itself after $1,750,000 / $140,000 = 12 hours of solid grinding. 


* They aren't correct, obviously, due loading times, the fact I've guessimated how much faster it is in a Buzzard etc etc etc. 



Theoretically, we should take into account payouts for different missions minus delivery expenditures. Thing is, it's still a theoretical approach. In reality new player may spend a lot of time practising Buzzard and there is no guarantee that he will be faster with mission while using it.
And stil nice to see educated people here like you.




Yeah there's lots of other stuff we could put in our simplified model, but my version is closer to an accurate model than the first. And thanks!

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Posted 12 August 2014 - 10:50 AM

So question for the people saying buy one..


I have "put off" getting one for quite some time for the following reasons:


1) The handling is pretty poor, seriously! I often find my self fighting the damn thing just to fly in a straight line or target something

2) It almost always spawns in the current lobby at one of the airports.. Why buy it when you can just go grab one for free?


So can you justify the purchase?


1. Oh man, I had so much buyer's remorse when I first bought the Buzzard due to how hard it was to fly it well. But I persevered and within a week or so I was so glad I stuck it out. But yeah, the learning curve is steep.


2. As others have said it really comes down to:


a) Guaranteed spawns in FR, rather than hoping you get lucky. It's particularly good if you buy the garages near the airport as you can drive out your door and be in a Buzzard within 20 seconds at the start of every session.

b) Buzzards don't spawn in (the vast majority of) missions.

c) Expands the roster of easy-money missions.

d) $200 for unlimited ammo.

e) Really good for Lester targets, crate drops, store robberies.

f) One of the fastest vehicles in the game.

g) If you are that way inclined, it's a great offensive tool that also allows you to switch between aerial assault and sniping positions depending on what sort of resistance you are facing. 

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Posted 12 August 2014 - 10:55 AM

It's great, I only wish I had the skill to use it well! If your money is legit I'd wait in case anything better turns up in the update, if not I'd definitely buy it in case there's a money wipe. You won't regret it, in fact that and the cargobob are the only pegasus vehicles I ever use!
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Posted 12 August 2014 - 11:05 AM

I decided that I would maintain a bank account of at least $2m, in case a limited-time DLC with high priced items should be sprung on us.


Right now, I have $3.76m, which means I could buy the Buzzard attack chopper and still maintain that £2m buffer.


But should I? Does it actually make that much difference to how quickly one can earn money?

Yes it makes many missions much faster and easier so go get it :^:

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  • YouDareYouDie


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Posted 12 August 2014 - 01:37 PM

I would only buy it if your a low rank and need it for missions. Unless you are amazing at controlling it, its pretty much useless.

good snipers will shoot you down at will

anyone with a minigun will shoot u down if within range same with a carbine or combat mg


:lol: You know this bro how many times we done this?? lol

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Posted 12 August 2014 - 03:59 PM

No, you'll want to wait to see if the Hunter is purchasable. Will be much more powerful than the Buzzard.

Theres no evidence that it will ever come.
A stupid movietrailer in the cinema does NOT count as evidence -_-
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Posted 12 August 2014 - 04:18 PM

You should have bought one yesterday instead of making this thread.

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Posted 12 August 2014 - 05:40 PM Edited by CaptainMental, 12 August 2014 - 05:42 PM.



So question for the people saying buy one..


I have "put off" getting one for quite some time for the following reasons:


1) The handling is pretty poor, seriously! I often find my self fighting the damn thing just to fly in a straight line or target something

2) It almost always spawns in the current lobby at one of the airports.. Why buy it when you can just go grab one for free?


So can you justify the purchase?

1) It's the best this game can offer. Take it or leave it. Any other helicopters are slower and unarmed. 
2) Let me guess, you're much under lvl 200, right? 

Rockstar will force you to buy it after ~lvl 80-100 by decreasing spawn probability in free-roam. I'm 223 now and I haven't seen a Buzzard for a long time now. 

And you know, the purchase is a very good for the missions. That was stated above. 


Sooner or later you will buy it. Or shark cards. 



No shark cards here :-P - They have all run out :-P. Mission Grinding for me.


I personally find the frogger to be the best for handling + speed, problem is, it's completely unarmed.


I am rank 96 so I still have them spawning.


I can see the advantage to it in missions though, it's just outside of that I'm not sure if it's worth it.



I would say that besides a supersport car, the Buzzard is a a must to own. You will always have a fast and armed helicopter at your disposal in your vicinity. Sure they spawn here and there but they have a habit of not spawning when you need them the most.


I don't consider supersport cars a must own.. the most "supersporty" car I have is a Vacca, and I still got the racing blonde tattoo + brunette tattoo due to race wins against adders haha I found it was how you drove which mattered, often I was with people who would crash.


The reason why I say that a supersport car is a necessity is more out of convenience and not about winning races. If you get stuck somewhere in the middle of nowhere, its nicer to drive wherever you need to go in a supersport than in a more normal car unless youre just driving for fun and leisure, basically it saves you time. Its also important to be in a fast vehicle if you need to get somewhere before anyone else, lets say a crate.

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Posted 12 August 2014 - 05:43 PM


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Posted 12 August 2014 - 06:18 PM Edited by livejoker, 12 August 2014 - 06:29 PM.

I joined this forum so I didn't have to see school-related things and people are f*cking doing math in here.
Math, not even once...

OP probably bought the buzzard by then but hasn't updated us. If he hasn't (or if anyone thinks of buying a buzzard); do not worry about the math stuff. If you own a buzzard, $200 to call it in each time is petty cash that you can get back easily by robbing one store (and have extra change to call it a few more times). The save on ammo is also great. The buying price is indeed high and how long will it take to make that money back without grinding? Who knows but it'll be quicker than you think. So why should you ignore the well-written and detailed math posts (good work by the way guys but sometimes making things complicated for something so simple isn't needed)? The buzzard makes you feel invincible and ready for most things so you'll always be wanting to do missions, no matter what the pay. You'll try out missions with it and see which missions work best for it. Rooftop Rumble is the fastest and best paying (one of them) missions but it isn't for the buzzard. So why not grind RR instead of buying a buzzard? The buzzard in lower paying missions will make things far more interesting. The buzzard is like a dog that's always happy to see you when you come home. In RR, you just wait for the package to be delivered but doing Trash Talk or other fun missions with it is...well, fun. Also, you don't necessarily buy the buzzard to be a money-making machine. You buy it to have a friend that you can trust.

I cannot stress how amazing the buzzard is. I would honestly change my signature to a buzzard and my username to Buzzarders if I could. It's just a helicopter in a game but it's how well it's made, how it flies, how it stands when you walk up to it. You get pissed when someone steals it and you do everything you can to get it back. I'll blow it up if it's turned against me but if I can get it back, non-smoking or smoking, I'll take it. I'll shoot down other buzzards but if someone says "friendly" (which hasn't happened yet), I'll totally fly around with them. I praise this helicopter tons but I will say the machine guns on it are pretty useless. I've used them as suppressive fire or when my rockets are in cool-down (which you can avoid if you delay each rocket by 3 seconds thus having rocket after rocket after rocket...). I've yet to have a kill with the machine guns but they do hit cars nicely if low enough.

Anyone that doesn't own a buzzard should buy one regardless of upcoming DLC.
I'm honestly a bit scared if this hunter does make an appearance as I might like it a lot and use it more than the buzzard.
Or it could turn in my favor where everyone uses the hunter and I stick to the buzzard.

Referring to people who can't seem to fly it (poor handling) are just inexperienced with it. I'm not saying you're a bad player and I'm better, far from it. I'm just saying you just need a bit of practice with it. I know there's some things in GTA that some people just can't get as right such as people in jets or racing in cars. We all have our limits but I believe the buzzard is that type of thing where it's good for beginners, great for veterans. The lock-on rockets make it so anyone can kill someone with the buzzard but to fly dangerously in it and using rockets without the lock-on (which can get tricky to "disable") is for experienced buzzard pilots. I do like to classify myself as an expert buzzard pilot but that's simply because I spend so much time in it. Sure, I lose battles and that's okay. I don't blame the buzzard or my skills, it was a good shot and I'll tell my enemy about it (even if it's an AI, seriously). I don't look for fights, I keep to myself but when the call comes my buzzard is ALWAYS where I want it to be (a free buzzard that doesn't always spawn isn't "worth" it, also you can stash your buzzard and know where it is on the map unlike free buzzards which disappear) and always ready to help me out however it can. And it surely doesn't mind when you jump out of it and open your parachute, spinning downwards beside you as if saying, "see you later!" and explode when hitting the ground.

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Posted 12 August 2014 - 07:37 PM



I didn't buy it last night, just in case anything big was announced at Gamescom. I didn't say that though, because I was away to bed.  What with me being a damn limey and all.


Anyways, nothing has been announced, so when I go on GTA later this evening I will almost certainly go buy the ruddy thing.  If the Hunter ever comes it's likely to be a two-place military chopper, whereas the Buzzard will carry four.  I'd agree the Frogger is better to fly, but it would be a bit of an indulgence right now.


And if something better does come along, or we get a means of procuring it more cheaply, my secondary character can get it then.


Again, thank you all for commenting, regardless of whether it was a yea or nay.

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Posted 12 August 2014 - 07:40 PM

Good Guy OP updating us. Wish more people were like you.

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