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Characters that need their own game.

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Posted A week ago

I'm actually surprised to see that no one mentioned Brad from GTA V. I mean that character had balls, man! He could've blasted those lowly police officers at the starting of the game. C'mon Rockstar, at least make a freakin' DLC!

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  • ExTerminator

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Posted 6 days ago

This guy

He would be perfect if Rockstar decides to revisit the 80s or the 90s, especially in a Las Venturas setting. He would also do well in a present-day setting as a high ranking criminal with lots of political connections, like a younger version of Hyman Roth from the Godfather. He would've given us the Michael de Santa which everyone wanted.

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Posted 4 days ago

Joey Leone, sonny forelli, cesar vialpando, dwayne forge, and lamar davis.

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Posted 3 days ago Edited by Breaking Bad, 3 days ago.

Kent Paul & Maccer.


Let's get some Kevin & Perry styled GTA game.



Really though, these two were f*cking hysterical.

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Posted 3 days ago

Dwayne Forge, before he got arrested.

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Am Shaegar
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Posted 3 days ago

Roman Bellic. I liked him a lot. Rockstar should make him return in future titles, minus his boring cousin.

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