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Characters that need their own game.

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  • PsychoGamer3


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Posted 4 weeks ago

Eddie Low. Hands down.

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  • Queen Elizabeth II


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Posted 4 weeks ago

Eddie Low could be character for GTA: Carcer City.

  • Phoenix_Shit

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Posted 4 weeks ago Edited by Phoenix_Shit, 4 weeks ago.

Well, Eddie is dead. As much as we all like him, we all know that he is dead.. Why would you wanna play as a dead protagonist, and looking at his past? It's the same as Vic .

  • lucy12345

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Posted 4 weeks ago

OG Loc. He seems to exist in the HD universe judging by the CD's and his name on the Vinewood Walk of Fame, so it could work

  • Phoenixaz


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Posted 4 weeks ago

I think Big Smoke wouldàve made a good protagonist or even one of the cops in SA probably Tenpenny, or maybe Hernandez so he could had story where he stars from bottom and ends up good or sth 

  • Fuzzknuckles

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Posted 4 weeks ago

Little Jacob, Real Badman... these are the only two HD era characters I've ever wanted to return. 


Though to be honest, there's not a single character in any game that wasn't a protag that deserves their own game. 

Son of Zeus
  • Son of Zeus


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Posted 4 weeks ago

Woozie sh*ts over every other side character.
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  • RandomStunt

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Posted 4 weeks ago

the gameplay would be an all black screen

he's blind. how are we gonna make a blind protag work when he can't drive a car?

  • Severe


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Posted 4 weeks ago

the gameplay would be an all black screen

he's blind. how are we gonna make a blind protag work when he can't drive a car?


Well, it's kinda established that he can drive a car, seeing (Hah!) as he races.

  • LV007


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Posted 4 weeks ago

I want:

1. Lamar, to see some real gangsta stuff!

2. The Story Of Roman Bellic: American Dream, basicaly how he moves to USA and lives his live playing bowling until Niko arrives :D

3. And I really want to see more of Little Jacob, I liked him very much in GTA IV

  • Left4TheUndead

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Posted 4 weeks ago

Ursula. It could be some story where she's trying to find herself or something and you could do a bunch of sick kills like the executions in RDR or they could be similar to Manhunt kills. Any way to express her craziness.

+1 :)

I am curious how a game featuring Leo Teal would fare. I mean he has to be badass enough to be hired for some contracts and even for Umberto Robina to try to contact him.


That is if we're talking 3D era.


In regards to HD era, Gustavo Mota is someone who I wonder how badass he could be. I mean he has a high pay-cut if hired as a gunman. If he were to get a spinoff, maybe have it set during his time with the Vagos before getting out of the gang life.


  • MyDog

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Posted 4 weeks ago

I would like to see a GTA or at least a DLC set in the 50's, 60's or 70's that takes place in Liberty City and revolves around the Mafia, preferrably Jon Gravelli's rise to the most powerful Mafia boss in Liberty City.

  • confederatestatesgta


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Posted 4 weeks ago

so many options they all sound good. but i want more russian mafia stuff with mikhail and dimitri and vlad. more hove beach stuff maybe show us how mikhail was before gta 4 that was one of my favorite parts of gta 4

  • Shenmue18

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Posted 4 weeks ago

Also, late 80's/early 90's setting about the rise & fall of Dwayne Forge would also be very good. He was too much of a good character to only have one game.

This would be absolutely brilliant.

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