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  • Jammsbro

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Posted 17 January 2016 - 10:20 AM

I always use him. I'm good enough to make up for his lack of skills.


And when his stats pick up he is really worth it.

  • Lethal-lock

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Posted 17 January 2016 - 10:57 AM

I like to use the cheap people very early and get their skills up higher so that i have cheap but high quality people by the time i get to the final heist. 


I actually found it to be more fun, once one of the crappy guys i employed crashed his motorbike and Franklin swooped past and picked up his bag from the ground, its nice to see little differences like that when on subsequent play throughs. 

  • Failure

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Posted 17 January 2016 - 11:56 AM

In my playthrough, I used Feltz, he's not s**tty like Rickie and not expensive like Paige and does a pretty good job, especially when his skill levels are increased. 


When I replay the heists, I use Rickie just to make the heist 'harder'.

  • alex3

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Posted 17 January 2016 - 01:03 PM

I know you're the bro who deactivated Jay, bro!

  • SmokesWithCigs

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Posted 17 January 2016 - 03:17 PM



The worst thing  is, you don't really get an opportunity to use him and therefore improve him between the moment you unlock him and, I believe, the last heist. He's completely pointless, but I guess it's kind of cool that he gets in touch and tries to get work. 


Other than the bog standard heist team members, the only one I used was the driver woman, can't remember her name. She was good, and cheap. The rest were meh. I dropped Packie off at the Altruists after finding him. Can't stand that guy. 

Taliana you're speaking of. And why do you hate Packie?


I've explained this many times elsewhere, but I found him to be a boring, irritating one-note character. That's not a particular popular view around here, I know, but there we go. 


I would rather any of the other characters from IV had returned (even his dead junkie brother). 


When I first saw him holding up that guy outside the store I was like 'aw f*ck this sh*t'.



I used ricky on my second playthrough because he was the cheapest and I felt it went with the story since he called up Michael asking for work after getting laid off. when I first saw that random event I killed packie because I didn't know who he was until I read on a hip hop forum thread that he was packie from gta 4. I was watching playthroughs of gta 4 before I got my copy of gta V so I thought I could use an experienced heistman like him on my team. 

I agree with fuzz he was pretty much one note like most gta 4  friend hangout characters except little Jacob and brucie. every time it was either his coke habit or his dysfunctional family history.  I say little Jacob and brucie are not one note because they are usually upbeat happy go lucky and are not sad sacks. i'm glad I finished that game I swear if I had to listen to one more tale of woe I would've killed myself.

American Viking
  • American Viking

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Posted 17 January 2016 - 03:48 PM

Oh yeah, I used him. He's cheap and he got better with each successful mission which saved me a boatload. As long as you're good at the game, picking a cheaper character is usually best because you the player can pick up the slack. 

  • Pedinhuh

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Posted 17 January 2016 - 04:49 PM Edited by pedinhuh, 17 January 2016 - 04:50 PM.

In my playthroughs I used him whenever it was possible, and made sure the approach of each heist would include him, apart the fact that he's the typical hollywood weirdo hacker and has a annoying voice, he eventually gets good and is very cheap, which means more money to the crew.
And something odd I noticed:

-Michael: Crew leader;
-Trevor: Gunman;
-Frankling: Wheelman;
-Lester: Hacker.

Would be cool the see a heist in a future story expansion(if that is ever going to happen) with these guys only, less money to split between the crew.

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