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Old PC Died - Data Retrievable?

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Posted 06 August 2014 - 09:31 AM

Hello everyone. Yesterday, my 3-year old desktop PC suddenly died on me without warning. Ironically it was while watching a commentary of Ride to Hell: Retribution (worst game ever). It's like the game is so bad that just watching footage of it on YouTube is enough to kill your PC. Joking aside, I feel as it's my fault as the PC has spent a great deal running at many hours during the day in a very warm room with no windows open, as well as being under a desk allowing it to collect dust.


What has basically happened is the PC (running on Windows 7) refuses to go past the "Starting Windows" screen. The login screen will NOT show up. Safe Mode doesn't work either, it just freezes up while loading drivers. Similar result with the Startup Restore, just a blue screen and a mouse cursor, nothing else showing. Even when I tried cooling down the PC with an electric fan (stupid idea, I know) and cleaning some dust out of the motherboard, nothing seemed to change. The thing is now unpacked and in my wardrobe to make room for my Macbook. I'm not completely mortified. I mean, it was a good computer while it lasted and it can probably still up and running if I let it cool down or take it to a store for repair.


However, I am REALLY concerned for my data. I know it's not uncommon for a PC to stop working, maybe the data is retrievable. What if I were to take out the hard drive and connect it to a Mac? I'm just thinking because I can't lose my PC data the same way I lost my PS3 data, though the latter was merely a corrupted hard drive full stop, this is just the result of a PC refusing to start up.

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Posted 06 August 2014 - 11:02 AM

Got a Windows disk? Boot from that and do a repair install on your existing drive. It sounds like you have a corrupt driver issue to me.

You could also try a system restore point. Or just uninstalling and reinstalling Windows without reformatting the drive, which should give you access to the data on it.

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Posted 06 August 2014 - 10:05 PM

Could be a faulty HDD, launch start up repair. If start up repair takes forever to load then your HDD needs to get replaced.

Run a chkdsk on it and see if it has bad sectors

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