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Was Anyone Else Expecting A DLC Today?

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Posted 12 August 2014 - 11:01 PM



F*ck R* there just greedy bastards that dont care about their fans.


f*ck off.  have you PAID for any of the DLC so far?  NO.  It's all been free. 

How many people buy useless sh*t in COD, like gun skins and maps?  How about the last five CODs being the same game reskinned with no game mechanic updates?  Also, if you want that useless content, you HAVE to buy it with money.  You can't 'earn' it in-game. 

If I want something from a GTA:O update, I can buy it without any real money involved.  If I don't have enough cash, I'll do missions for a few hours.  It doesn't take that long to get money in GTA:O.  It can also be fun, when you're not just doing rooftop f*cking rumble over and over again.  


R* didn't make no billions.  Take-Two interactive did. 


Also, given there's millions of players and hundreds of thousands of people glitching and f*cking with the game, do you really expect things to be fixed quickly??   They only have so many employees tasked with coding and fixing all this sh*t.


Shut up already with this nonsense. 



First, Your COD reference is completely irreverent to anything. Second, I completely agree that its easy to make money and fun. Third, yes the DLC's are free, but like you said theres millions of players doing glitches or modded money lobbies. Why should Rockstar punish the rest of us who dont do glitches by not giving us a DLC today? As a side note, I would have no problem paying for DLC's. If they just released them when people want them


It's not irrelevant.  My point was that people willingly pay for dlc in games, such as COD, just to have useless skins and a few extra maps. I could have used countless games as an exmple.  Yet these same people flip out at R* for not delivering DLCs "on time".  It's all been free. 

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