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LS Reboot Crew

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Posted 04 August 2014 - 03:27 AM

 I love GTAO, but I feel like I rushed through the online experience way too fast. A free bullpup rifle, free sports car, and tagging along on a couple dozen Rooftop Rumbles watching everyone waste the professionals and I was respectable in no time. 


I want to find a couple of gamers who want to start over, fresh with a new character at level one. Keep our cars to under $15k (maybe only have one of us actually own a car), and our houses confined to the Low section of the housing market (which is kind of role-play), until at least level 30 or more. No free weapons allowed. There would be a little role-play involved, which is why I put this in this section of these forums. 


I would prefer us to play as if we were from the same gang, I am open to which one, but would prefer to use a real LS gang. This would mean dressing the part of a gangster, and staying in character (more role-play).


No HUD, no helps of any kind, free aim, Hard setting on all missions, work as a team to get things done, play like you are really in a gunfight (again, role-play). 


I am in the US Pacific time zone and would love to play a night or two during the week (no weekends). Crew only sessions. Use our characters in actual crew sessions only.


While the invite is open to anyone, I am 43, so I am looking for maturity* in my crew mates. (*Note that does not mean always serious.)


If you are interested check out the social club site! http://socialclub.ro.../ls_reboot_crew

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