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GTA: The Wrong Killer

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Posted 03 August 2014 - 08:39 AM Edited by CharlesVercetti, 16 October 2017 - 09:10 AM.


The Fiction Story


      Grand Theft Auto: The Wrong Killer,takes place after the events of GTA III.This story has plot points connected to the other stories in the III Era.The characters you face in this story are the ones you have seen already in the III Era games.
This story follows the "Episode" pattern,so interested readers can choose to follow the topic.The total number of episodes on the go is unplanned,and may vary depending on the personal interest of mine and the continuing ability of mine.

Characters revealed so far:

  • Claude
  • The doctor
  • The Nurse
  • An injured woman
  • An unknown messager
  • Tommy Vercetti
  • Unknown man-shot Tommy
  • Umberto Robina
  • Mitch Baker
  • Steve Scott
  • Gate Security
  • Mercedes Cortez Thomas
  • Carl "CJ" Johnson
  • An unknown caller
  • The taxi driver.
  • The man inside the burning house
  • Pete Vance
  • The guy at VCM


  1. A String of Unfindables
  2. Deadly Past Memories
  3. Sustainable Systematics
  4. (coming soon...)

more to follow...


A note to the reader: The characters underlined in this fiction story are the characters from the III Era of GRAND THEFT AUTO SERIES.Therefore,any confusions between the previous era of the GTA series should be avoided.The story also presents a higher amount of unbelievable-unrecognizable places that you must read and survive.Vulgar and mature words have been mostly avoided.This story has British and American accents mixed.

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Posted 03 August 2014 - 09:18 AM Edited by CharlesVercetti, 16 October 2017 - 09:08 AM.

Download Episode 1: A String of Unfindables here

Download Episode 2: Deadly Past Memories here
Prelude: The phone Claude got explodes,setting the room on fire.Meanwhile,the woman patient has a mysterious name starting "M".Tommy is shot inside the meeting room by an unknown guy.CJ runs into the area to rescue a guy.


Episode 3:Sustainable Systematics


   Heartbroken,and door broken at the same time for Claude.He wasn't an expert with firefights,though he knew to drive a firefighter."How good if I were able to speak,I would have called the 911 on the mobilephone I got...mobile?"Claude just remembered what happened to the cellphone.The events came one by one on his mind.
 "I read the message,dropped the phone and ran in...mmm...I didn't read the message fully...." Claude thought.
 "What was the message?",as he was thinking,a ceiling part broke off and fell above his head.
  Suddenly from nowhere,a man with a black shirt and green pants jumped from the entrance and pushed him off the place.He pulled Claude off the building,and in the glowing fire,he and Claude saw each other.
  "Claude,you idiot! Why do you kill Catalina?"The man roared in a terrifying voice."Is that Carl?"Claude thought as he looked with a surprise on that man.
   Indeed it was.Carl took of the pistol in his pocket and started firing at Claude.But Claude was even precautious.He took the Micro-Uzi he saved for long,and started to clock out rounds.
   Carl+'s hand was down,as he didn't have a SMG,and the bullet count was reducing too.He looked for shadows nearby.He found one in the outside and immedietly rolled to it.He took out the knife and hid in the shadows for a stealth kill.
   Claude, on the otherside was shooting blindly.When a round was finished,he looked around and was unable to see Carl.Now he had some relief,and he took out the paper and pen in the pocket and wrote out "Catalina betrayed me."
  Carl,behind him,was shocked.
   November 2,2001,1:00 am.The news stations were blaring some important news in that early morning.That surely got the attention of certain pedestrians.The newly opened TV Store suddenly got a few viewers,albeit for no purchasing.
   "Jonathan Lawrence from L.C. News.Reports from the Shoreside Vale confirmed that Shoreside Vale Medical Center has been attacked by masked rioters.The hospital has been completely damaged,except the Pharmaceutical room and the security room.A few evidences have been found in the security room,including the video cassette of the CCTV found from the recorder of the Gate Security.From those evidences,it has been found that a woman has been kidnapped by those masked rioters.The cameras were damaged,but the microphone fitted in the camera has grabbed some of the blabbering of the kidnappers.Here,the clipping during the breakout.
   The screen blacked out,and an audio was played.
[  'BOOM...BOOM...! Drag that woman!Tell me what is your name?COME ON...!' ]
    We have got the photo of the woman too.She is the only viable evidence available.Here is the photo..."
    People were shocked to see what happened at the TV store.
    A woman,similar to the one shown in the video,was breaking the TVs with a bandage in her throat.
    It seemed as if a thousand pins pierced Tommy's stomach.And in the moment,mind became a blurred televison.But his speech was still there."Mercedes...Mercedes!" he shouted.
    Mercedes on the other side was walking on the verandah.She was delighted to see her husband very happy.She had specially prepared gifts for Tommy's birthday.She took the gift pack ,and walked towards the meeting room.Whe she heard Tommy shout,she rushed into the room.
   "Tom!", she shouted and came near Tommy to see him coughing up blood.
   "Oh Tom! What happened to you?"Mercedes said in disbelief."Call our boys.My b'day should not be my d'day." Tommy said wis a stressful face."Then it should not be,my man." Mercedes said with hope."Boys,come quick!" she called the gang members.
   The Vercetti gang members rushed into the meeting room."Oh God! Our boss is injured!".One of the gang members shouted."Oh man,prepare that inferno!".The gang members lifted Tommy,and ran outside.There,James Baker,younger brother of Mitch Baker had already prepared and started the 22nd Infernus in 15 years.
  It was a special one,odified in Sunshine Autos with all the security features available,including a multi-proof facility and a reverse camera.James sat into the driver's seat,whereas Tommy,with a cloth tied in his stomach,sat near him.
  James stepped on tha accelerator,and in an instant,the car raced past the Estate.And in amoment of time,they were racing towards the Downtown hospital.Tommy looked a bit relieved."Don't worry Tommy!,you are secured.Here,take the handgun for your safety." said James.
  "No problem,I already have a revolver." Tommy showed the revolver in his socks.
   Just when James stopped the car in front of the hospital,he heard a loud noise from a speaker.
   "Drop your guns,surrender Tommy Vercetti."
   Tommy though,was stuck between thought of escape and death.
     October 31,2001.12.56 pm.It has been fifteen years since Pete Vance came to Vice City.He was left stranded after his mother died in 1985,and his brothers Lance and Victor had been living with him for two years.And on one fine day in 1986,Both brothers were preparing for their business visit to Vice City.
   "What's the work,Lance?"Pete questioned Lance,who was tieing his shoe laces.
   "Drug business,brother.We've been ruined by lack of money and I decided to accompany my ailing brother Vic to Vice.He's been not on good health lately and is having problems with his legs.I'm not that much of a soft-talker compared to him.So I decided to go with Vic where he will make the talking and I will be driving.",Lance elaborated,combing his hair.
   And that was the last time he saw his brothers.
   That night,Lance had called him.
   "Pete...Pete!Vic is dead Pete!Some guy ambushed the deal and got him killed.Please don't come over here and put yourself to trouble.Okay!"
   And from there,Pete waited,waited and waited.He got no information from Lance.And after a few months,he decided to go to Vice City and get information on his brothers.
   On his visit to the airport,he saw a billboard on one of those passenger cafeterias.
   "This property belongs to Vercetti Family members,Tommy Vercetti and Lance Vance.Don't try to damage the property. "
  Pete then travelled through the entire city,looking for information about Lance.He then visited the Vercetti Estate and was informed by one of the gang members that Lance was no longer involved with the family and had disappeared mysteriously.
   Having no money in his hand,Pete joined in the Vice City Mail,enlisting his name as Mark and worked as a mailman.
   Fifteen years passed,he was promoted to the position of General Manager of VCM through hard work.On one fine day,he was rearranging the miscellanious mailcovers that had been forwarded to his desk as a part of cleaning process.The mailcovers included mostly bounced back letters and address-less covers.While he was going through the list of such letters,he heard a voice,speaking near the doors.
   "I want to meet Mr.Mark immediately.ALLOW me to enter!!!"
   Pete stood up from his place,unfluttered,and moved towards the door to see the man.
   A guy wearing Denim jeans and synthetic leather overcoat,turned towards Pete.
   "Hello officer."


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Posted 03 August 2014 - 12:03 PM Edited by Dope_0110, 03 August 2014 - 12:03 PM.


Just as he reached the end of that street,he saw a new Squid mobilephone ringing on the garbage can near to him.He didn't really know to operate the phone,as he didn't talk,and was only used to a pager.He took out the phone from the garbage,and saw a reading "1 message" on that pre-lit screen.

Claude started to scratch his head,as he didn't know to press which key he needed to open the message.To his surprise,he was attracted by the "Open" button on the keypad below the screen.He pressed the button,to know what was in.

This part... this is grade A comedy stuff :D

The rest is meh... but this part, not sure if it's intentional or not, but it took me by surprise and just had me laughing.

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Posted 04 April 2017 - 02:13 PM

Episode 2 : Deadly Past  Memories is out.Check out second post.

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Posted 04 April 2017 - 05:31 PM

What an old thing to try to pump interest in. I'm impressed.
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Posted 05 April 2017 - 05:21 AM

Thanks universetwisters.

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Posted 16 October 2017 - 09:11 AM

Episode 3: Sustainable Systematics is out.

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