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GTA: The Wrong Killer

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Posted 03 August 2014 - 08:39 AM Edited by CharlesVercetti, 04 April 2017 - 02:32 PM.


The Fiction Story


      Grand Theft Auto: The Wrong Killer,takes place after the events of GTA III.This story has plot points connected to the other stories in the III Era.The characters you face in this story are the ones you have seen already in the III Era games.
This story follows the "Episode" pattern,so interested readers can choose to follow the topic.The total number of episodes on the go is unplanned,and may vary depending on the personal interest of mine and the continuing ability of mine.

Characters revealed so far:

  • Claude
  • The doctor
  • The Nurse
  • An injured woman
  • An unknown messager
  • Tommy Vercetti
  • Unknown man-shot Tommy
  • Umberto Robina
  • Mitch Baker
  • Steve Scott
  • Gate Security
  • Mercedes Cortez Thomas
  • Carl "CJ" Johnson
  • An unknown caller
  • The taxi driver.
  • The man inside the burning house


  1. A String of Unfindables
  2. Deadly Past Memories
  3. Sustainable Systematics(coming soon...)

more to follow...


A note to the reader:


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Posted 03 August 2014 - 09:18 AM Edited by CharlesVercetti, 04 April 2017 - 01:58 PM.

Download Episode 1: A String of Unfindables here


Prelude: Claude finds a new cellphone on a garbage can with information about a prize amount.A woman in a hospital with a bleeding throat shouts with anger.Tommy Vercetti is shot on his 50th birthday.Carl Johnson is informed by his wife about the death trap he is facing.

Episode 2: Deadly Past Memories


        People who have talked to him (or) tried to would have noticed that Claude wouldn't speak, or he was simply closing his mouth to everything.Only Claude knows how he had lost his speech.All for that girl?These thinkings took him to the view of the past.That BANK ROBBERY.


        Suddenly it began to rain.Claude regained his present thought,and immediately ran to the nearest safehouse for

shelter.The phone in his hands was a bit wet now.He took his handkerchief from his jacket and wiped off the water.He pressed those arrow buttons to see what was more in that message.




     The rain was a bit severe now.Claude hit the door of the house three times,and in that process,he closed the message,and dropped the phone on the floor.He ran into the house and closed the door to hear a "BOOM" sound outside.




     "I don't understand why she told that word,can you?"the doctor told the nurse."Her personal problems maybe?She would have been hurt by some speechless guy,who knows?"she replied to the doctor.


    The patient,on the other hand was weeping.She knew Claude had a relationship with Catalina before,and that made her a variable to Claude.She really was affected by Claude before,but Asuka Kasen,the Yakuza leader,had enough evidence to prove that Catalina was Claude's girlfriend.


   She lost every bit of affection on Claude,which made her act bitterly after she was rescued by him...and that made her feelings even more worse!


   "..Hey lady,hey lady!" The doctor spoke in frustration."Come on! You are conscious,right? Tell me your name,or atleast write it here!" ,he shouted to the woman.


   The woman got the paper from him,and wrote "MAR..." before falling into unconsciousness again




       Tommy sat in the sofa of the meeting room,after being standing for a long time.His knees were painful.He felt that age factor was going to take a toll on his body.And it really did.And in this moment, a small rest would be an energy tonic for him.The soiree coat took him back to pleasant memories.The day when he saw Mercedes in his Dad's yacht party,the day when he had a car ride with her,the day when she changed his life....he was feeling happy as ever.Then his view redirected to the present-the party."Who were the ones coming to the party?",he thought.


     "Mitch Baker,Robina,Kent Paul,Rico and Pepe,Dwaine and Jethro,Love Fist Band,Mark Sage...mmm...that postman?What is he doing in this party?Maybe he would have come here to thank me for my deeds to him..heh!",Tommy laughed to himself.


    "Hmmm.I needed to send a letter to Kent Paul,where it is?" Tommy checked those wardrobes in the meeting room in which he kept some important files.There were five wardrobes in total.When he was checking the fourth wardrobe,he heard the sound of people buzzing outside.He took the phone,and called the Gate Security.


  "Hello,Vercetti here.Who's coming?"


  "Steve Scott,sir".


  Tommy cut of the phone."Steve Scott?Oh what a guy!He has been a friendly guy to me and did a lot of deeds to me!It is fine that he arrived on my b'day!"Tommy jumped up in joy,his knees still painful."Oh my knees!",he shouted in disgrace.


    He still didn't search the fifth wardrobe.Just as he opened the fifth wardrobe,a bullet pierced his stomach in a fraction of a second.





    "A death trap?" Carl cried."Yes sir,just two days ago,there was a  helicopter crash there.There has been heavy security from LCPD in that area after the incident,in which Columbian Cartel leader,Catalina was killed outrageously by an unknown person.",the driver replied. "Catalina?",Carl had a brain freeze."What an idiot she was!She had every qualities of a dominant leader,and Claude was her ideal partner.Claude....Where is Claude?",Carl nodded."He must be hiding somewhere."


   "Okay sir,where you want to go?"The driver's words brought him back to Present.


   "Atleast go to the nearest place!".


   The driver dropped him near a building outside of the protection circle and left the place.Carl was left alone on a place without electricity.Due to the recent attack,the people in the area were evacuated by LCPD and because of it,the houses in  the region were unoccupied.He didn't look fearless though;he had a knife and a Pistol for security.


    It was just about that time that he saw a house with burning doors,near him.Having trained at the fire department,Carl Johnson had been a seasoned campaigner,knowing various techniques in fire fighting.And seeing that burning house,he could not have thought for such a practical training session.He threw his coat off,removed his socks and started running towards the door.Suddenly,a phonecall stopped him.


   "Hello Carl Johnson,you seem to be signing off from your contract."the caller said.




   "Since you are interfering with another contacted person."


   "May I know the status of the guy?"


   "It's protected sir." The call cut off.


   Time was running out for Carl.His attempt to rescue someone-if there any-was getting late.So he ran towards the door once again with great force and breaking the doors in the momentum,pushed off the person who stood there from the wooden plonk falling over his head.In the flames,he saw the man's face.


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Posted 03 August 2014 - 12:03 PM Edited by Dope_0110, 03 August 2014 - 12:03 PM.


Just as he reached the end of that street,he saw a new Squid mobilephone ringing on the garbage can near to him.He didn't really know to operate the phone,as he didn't talk,and was only used to a pager.He took out the phone from the garbage,and saw a reading "1 message" on that pre-lit screen.

Claude started to scratch his head,as he didn't know to press which key he needed to open the message.To his surprise,he was attracted by the "Open" button on the keypad below the screen.He pressed the button,to know what was in.

This part... this is grade A comedy stuff :D

The rest is meh... but this part, not sure if it's intentional or not, but it took me by surprise and just had me laughing.

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Posted 04 April 2017 - 02:13 PM

Episode 2 : Deadly Past  Memories is out.Check out second post.

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Posted 04 April 2017 - 05:31 PM

What an old thing to try to pump interest in. I'm impressed.
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Posted 05 April 2017 - 05:21 AM

Thanks universetwisters.

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