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Looking for rules feedback from mature gamers.

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Posted 01 August 2014 - 07:01 AM

I am a 43 year old gamer who was looking for an online experience that would resemble the great story of the single player mode. What I found was less Sean Penn's Colors and more... well, you pick the Stalone movie. This is system is being designed for the PS3 currently, but it will switch over to the PC when the game is released. I am interested to get feedback on the rules that I have so far, so please feel free to comment. Good or bad, it is all good feedback. 


-Thanks, Joe




I was tired of being chased by jets, tanks, and rocket-belching supercars all night, every night, so I thought I would take a stab at creating something that was deep and compelling, yet at the same time was not overly complex, something that encouraged character development, and then allowed those great characters to take a lead role in deciding the fate of Los Santos, and finally, something that allowed the greatest amount of flexibility to players for when they could get online and play. I believe the system I have written down, although not yet play-tested, covers all of these concerns beautifully. These kinds of games are not usually my thing, so if anything I talk about sounds familiar, know it isn’t being done intentionally. I realize that there are some things I have that don’t jive with the “true” GTA world, but I did need to take certain liberties to make things fit within a simple framework. I think that most compromises retain the flavor of the game. Gang life is tough, moving up is not a sure thing, and you might get sent on some questionable missions, or worse… prison. Death is not lurking around every corner, but it is a very real outcome for the unaware and foolishly brave. Keep your eyes open, your steel close, and your ass out of trouble and you might end up the King of Los Santos.




All characters come into King of Los Santos (KOLS) as a Level-1 character. New characters start with three training points (and receive another training point every 10 levels thereafter) that they can invest in the following manner.


Weapons Level- *Cost 1pt per two accessories (ie silencer, extended clip, etc)

0.       Any melee weapon or fists

1.       Pistol/ SNS Pistol

2.       Micro SMG/ Pump Shotgun

3.       SMG/ Sawed-off Shotgun/ Combat Pistol

4.       AP Pistol/ Assault Rifle


 Armor Level-

0.       None

1.       Super Light

2.       Light

3.       Standard

4.       Heavy


Vehicle Level- *Costs 1pt per two accessories (cosmetic doesn’t count against this)

0.       Car (Smuggling)                            Walk/ Bike (Personal)

1.       Box Truck (Smuggling)                 $10k max value (Personal)

2.       Tractor-trailer (Smuggling)         $30k max value (Personal)

3.       Prop Plane (Smuggling)               $60k max value (Personal)

4.       Jet Plane (Smuggling )                 $100k max value (Personal)


Leadership-  *Gang leaders by Leadership, then overall rank (Ld-3 Lvl-30 outranks Ld-1 Lvl-60)

0.       None

1.       Can command controlled cities (needed for money collection)

2.       May lead armored truck heists

3.       May lead smuggling run

4.       May lead bank heists


Players may build their characters in the same way they do in normal GTAO (with the previous restrictions) and can band together to take on missions, races, and anything you can do normally. There is no repercussion for dying and it is used simply to increase the level of your character… and have fun banging around Los Santos with your gang.  Players can log on anytime, as long they only use their KOLS characters in KOLS servers, and not bring outside characters into KOLS.


After getting your character created you must decide where you are going to make your mark. There are four different gangs vying for control of Los Santos, and it is around their struggles that the story plays out.  The Los Santos Police Department has been waging a futile war to restore law and order and can use all the help they can get. Gruppa 6 is always hiring new security officers to protect banks and the armored cars that shuffle the rich’s money around Los Santos. The FIB always has its hands full going after the slimiest bad guys. And then there is The Lost, an outlaw biker gang with no desire to own Los Santos, they are here to burn it to the ground.


Ballas, The Families, Marabunta Grande, and Vagos- The gangs are always looking for new recruits to fill the ranks of soldiers. Each of the four gangs is intent on taking over this hellhole called Los Santos. Sure, life is cheap, but so are the women. Be part of a gang and you are part of it all, you will live forever. The gang will live forever. Take what you want, become a gang Lord. There are no training point boosts to being in a gang, but the gangs, by far, have the most interesting depth of all the factions and the entire game is based around their conflict. Gangs move the story, and individuals can have a far greater impact on Los Santos, as they are not restricted by laws, codes, or other influences.


Gruppa 6- Are you looking for a high-action career with excellent spousal death benefits? We are your future employer! New Gruppa 6 employees receive an extra training point added to their Armor rating, and at level 80 it is possible for Gruppa 6 employees to utilize Super Heavy Armor. Gruppa 6 employees are responsible for bank security and for the armored car deliveries that shuffle rich people’s money around Los Santos, as well as the atm fills at gas stations.


FIB- The FIB is working towards a better tomorrow for Los Santos. Without the restrictions of local government tying their hands, the FIB is free to pursue whomever they feel is the biggest threat to the city, or themselves. Stopping the baddest of the bad guys is dangerous work, thus new FIB agents receive an extra training point on their Weapon rating. FIB agents, at level 80 and higher, have access to weapons that most other characters will not be able to use. As soon as they are recruited, FIB agents can use weapon accessories without having to spend training points on them. Although the FIB can work in any capacity they like, their main objective is to cut into the gang’s smuggling enterprises. A lack of progress in this area will bring unwanted attention from above. They are also responsible for keeping gangs out of the airport and the port.


Police- Remember when you thought cops were the good guys and honest people were safe from the undesirables and violent criminals?   We do too, and we at the LSPD are working hard to make you think that again. We have dumped millions into public outreach programs and feel-good commercials designed to foster unity and diversity. And by putting fewer officers on the streets, we have guaranteed our fair city that only the finest officers will be out there putting their life on the line to ensure your safety up to 24-hours a day.  All officers are issued a standard police cruiser (and partnered) when a character joins the force. The police function much like a gang, but their motivation is not money, it is to keep the gangs out of rich neighborhoods and contained in the south and east as much as possible.


The Lost MC- A collection of drifters, wanderers, whores, killers, street rats, addicts, and deviants of every kind. The Lost MC is the rowdiest motorcycle club to every grace the American southwest, and now they are making their presence known in Los Santos. Born to the open road, TLMC have no interest in gaining territories or owning Los Santos, they are simply here to raise hell. In every other way TLMC functions like a normal gang.


Merryweather- (COMING SOON)




Before we go any further, let me take a minute to talk about allocation. Each group in Los Santos will have a limited supply of resources when it comes to actual human beings. This becomes one of the more interesting parts of the game, in terms of gang leadership. You don’t just control a city, you must list WHO controls it. In addition to controlling cities, gang membership is needed to generate income. Which gang members will you send to rob the bank? Who will drive that semi full of mean sticky from north Blaine County back to our dealers? Who will make sure he gets here? Is he experienced enough for this big of an operation? Also, keep in mind that up to 8 gang members are allowed to protect a controlled city (repel any gang invasions). This is also the limit of gang members that can expand into cities. This is due to the max amount of players allowed in Team Deathmatch, which is 16 unfortunately.


Each of the four gangs (and police) will start out the game with a single city. Each round (1 week in real life) gangs can choose to expand their turf by moving into any city that is currently touching their turf boarders, effectively absorbing them, or they can choose to not expand if they don’t want to. When expanding into a new city the gang leader will specify which 8 gang members are being used to control the city. A gang is allowed to make one of these moves per week (every Monday) for every three cities they already control. (ie- If a gang owns 1 or 2 cities= 1 move, If a gang owns 3, 4, or 5= 2 moves, if a gang owns 6, 7, or 8= 3 moves, etc).


When a single gang moves into an uncontrolled city they will automatically take control of it. When two or more gangs move into an uncontrolled city it becomes a contested city and a team deathmatch (TDM) is scheduled. During the TDM…


1.       If a gang loses all of their lives before time expires they are removed from the contested city.

2.       If a gang is the only gang with lives left before the time expires they control the contested city.

3.       If there are two (or more) gangs with lives remaining when time expires the winning gang holds influence on the city. They don’t control the city, they don’t make any money from it, and the other gang is still considered to be there as well, but another TDM win next round by this gang, either by killing all opponents or by winning with expired time, and the city will be theirs.


If the city is already under control of another gang it can only be captured if the invading team kills all the defending gang before the timer expires.


*It is the responsibility of the gang leaders involved in the contested city to schedule this TDM. If no TDM is performed before the next round both gangs will be assumed to have left the territory and it will revert to unoccupied status. Again, it is up to the gang leaders to schedule and resolve any disputed cities during the ensuing week. Gang leaders that fail to schedule and resolve contested city TDM’s for two consecutive weeks will be removed from their leadership role.




Saturday- Merryweather announces Duty Roster. The Duty Roster is a public record that informs the reader of who has been hired by whom, although the exact nature of the hire will not be included in the report. (ie- Hoskins and Smalley hired by Ballas. Rondo hired by Gappa 6. Etc.)


Sunday- Gappa 6 Announces crew assignments. This semi-private document lists the crew pairings for the various armored truck runs, as well as the roster for guard duty at the bank. Gappa 6 sends this document to the police only.


Monday- Each gang announces which cities, if any, they want to move into. At this point all gang members who will be guarding controlled cities (and those who are moving to new ones) will also be listed. It might seem odd to list which gang members are where, but it is the job of these gang members to be higher profile to let people know who owns this hood. Round 1 will use the following list, with the Marabunta Grande announcing their moves first, and The Families then going second. After everyone on the list announces their moves this phase of the round is over and the Marabunta Grande will be shuffled to the bottom of the list for Round 2, and so on.


Round 1

1.       Strawberry (Marabunta Grande)

2.       Chamberlin (Families)

3.       Davis (Ballas)

4.       Rancho (Vagos)

5.       Police

6.       The Lost*


*The Lost MC always go last in the round.


Tuesday thru Friday- Used for gangs to resolve city control disputes (2 or more gangs in one city), smuggling items into Los Santos, rob armored cars and banks, partake in illegal street races, dominate fight clubs, and more.




It is important to make a distinction here. The money that you get from R* for doing missions and such is used for personal use by the characters. Things like ammo, the weapons they are allowed to use, their vehicle for personal use, etc. That can be earned whenever a player uses their character online without any problems. What I am discussing below is money that is earned and used by the gang. Gang money can be used for a wide variety of things and will be discussed in detail shortly, but it is important that you understand that there is a difference between the two monies. If R* awards you the money, it is for personal use (clothes, etc). If The Life awards you the money, it is for gang use. I am discussing the second kind of money.


Easy Money- The easiest way to make money is to control cities. Each city has its own value associated with it and it will pay the controlling gang that amount each round (1 week). Of course, rich people aren’t too keen on human vermin moving into their neighborhoods, so expect more heat from the fuzz if your tastes get too refined.


Safe Money- The safest way to make money in KOLS is to join the weekly fight club. Each gang/faction may send up to two members at a cost of $100 per member. Each week the choice of weapons (fists or melee) will change, as will the location, but it will always be a winner-take-all event. Events could be one on one brackets until a winner is determined, or it could be a 16-person battle royal, events change weekly.

Of course, gangs are always free to schedule their own events (including street races and TDM) with rules and payouts as they see fit, but these events will never result in any character deaths or incarcerations.


Semi-safe Money- Illegal street racing and gang fights are another way to make money for the gang, and while the payouts are better, the risk does go up a little. There is no chance of character death, but prison time could become a real possibility.


1.       Illegal Street Racing- Street Racers United holds weekly street races that each gang may send up to two drivers to attend. Each entry costs $500 with winner taking all (up to $8k total). Racers who DNF a race will find themselves facing incarceration (prison, explained below).

2.       Gang Fights- Gangs may each send a team of two members to fight it out in a winner take all battle (highest ranking individual wins, but teams work together). It costs $1,000 to enter a team in the gang fight. The four lowest ranking individuals involved will find themselves facing incarceration (prison, explained below)*.


*It is also worth noting here that when gangs fight over a contested city (the TDM to resolve who owns that city) the four lowest ranking individuals will also be facing incarceration like those above.


Incarceration- When a gang member faces incarceration (suspension for law enforcement) they will consult the following chart…


1.       First offense- Warning/ Reprimand (Free to go, but don’t do it again)

2.       Second offense- Looking at jail time/ Suspended  (banned 1 wk official gang activity)*

3.       Third offense- Looking at County/ Suspended  (banned 2 wks)*

4.       Fourth offense- Looking at State Penitentiary/ Suspended  (banned 4 wks)*

5.       Fifth offense- Serving a life (or as good as) sentence in SASP/ Indefinite Suspended . Character is, for all intents and purposes, dead and player will have to start another character.


*Can still play online with friends and advance their character, they just cannot take part in any official gang activities.


Lawyers- Of course, there is nothing a good lawyer can’t get his client out of, and a gang leader may pay one to help get his members out of trouble, but he is not required to do so. It is important to understand that a lawyer will only help with current offenses, not previous ones. That means that once you are on your second offense there is no way to go back to the first. The best you can hope for is to stay on your second offense and to pay lawyers to keep you from your third offense. The cost for a lawyer to clear your name is…


1.       First Offense- $500

2.       Second Offense- $1,000

3.       Third Offense- $2,000

4.       Fourth Offense- $4,000

5.       Fifth Offense- $8,000


Risky Money- A potent mix of possible death and wickedly massive amounts of cash make for the ultimate in risk/reward for gangs. Gangs can smuggle all kinds of things into the country, as well pluck the bounty better known as armored trucks, but if you really want to dance with the devil in the pale moonlight there is nothing quite like a good, old-fashioned bank robbery. Be warned, if you die during one of these jobs, you die. Serious sh*t, to be sure. (How to set up all of these missions and such will be described below.)


Armored Trucks- There are several banks scattered throughout the Los Santos area, and each one must make several runs a day to the Los Santos Central Bank located under the Maze Bank Tower. For ease (at the moment) all armored trucks carry a cool $30,000 cash money. Trucks follow a well-established path each day to the central bank (as set weekly by the Grappa 6 leader). Although these trucks will obey the law (until attacked), they do not make any stops between the bank they pick up at and the central bank. If attacking these trucks, a gang must use a sticky bomb, and must be kneeling behind the truck (no throwing from afar) when placing it on the back doors to open the doors in order to rob it. If you are looking for something a little easier, but that still pays well ($15,000) you can follow one of the armored trucks on a gas station run and hit the workers as they refill the atm. Drivers (and passenger) must exit the vehicle and enter the store at each stop, meaning that the truck isn’t always a moving target. Trucks that have both drivers out of the cab can be robbed without the use of explosives. If the truck was in motion when it was attacked, then the process to open the truck is the same as in a central bank run.


Bank Robbery- This is it, gut check time. Bank jobs pay an incredible amount of money, but they are no walk in the park. Up to eight gang members may partake in the robbery. To rob the tellers, a gang member simply stands next to the teller window and demands the money. For ease of play at the moment the transaction is considered instant. Of course when security sees masks or hears someone demand money they are going to do what they can to stop the robbery.  Each gang member that stands in front of a teller and demands money will receive $20k (total of $160k for 8 members). Not enough for you? Make your way to the vault and blow the lock on the cage (w/ sticky bomb) and each player can then grab up to $50k ($400k total for 8 members) by touching the door to the cage. A robbery is not complete until the gang loses the AI cops. Anyone killed during a robbery is completely dead, and the player will have to create another character to play The Life.


Smuggling- Although gangs do receive all kinds of contraband through the airport and the port, those transactions are figured into the value of the city. There are three kinds of drugs that gangs can smuggle into Los Santos- marijuana, coke, and heroin (if we expand to Blaine County we will add meth as well). The volume of the product smuggled, and the product itself will determine the profits. Gangs must invest in the vehicle used to smuggle the drugs (or it can be a personal car) and can reuse the vehicle as many times as they like, as long as it isn’t wrecked in during the smuggling operation. If it is destroyed during a smuggling operation the vehicle is considered no longer available to the gang. Following is a chart for payouts…


Vehicle     Marijuana    Coke    Heroin

Car               $10k*         $20k      $40k

Box Truck    $20k          $40k      $80k

Semi             $40k          $80k      $160k

Prop Plane  $80k          $160k    $320k

Jet                $160k         $320     $640k


*Death results in incarceration, not death.




Obviously, gangs can use their money to bribe other gangs to do all manner of things, the exact details and costs to be negotiated by the groups involved. There are lawyers for those who get caught, and Merryweather agents for hire. Of course, gangs will be allowed to purchase more and bigger weapons than individuals are allowed to and this is also true of all kind of vehicles, from box trucks to jets.


Gangs may also buy the ear of the mayor by being the largest donator to his election campaign. Gangs may start contributing to the mayor’s fund as soon as the mayor is elected, and the results are tallied the day of the new mayor’s election. It is important to note that there are no real candidates and that gangs are just contributing money to a generic candidate who will win, it is just a matter of who loved him best. Mayors are elected every 6 rounds. Gangs who buy the ear of the mayor may make one request of the mayor per term from the following list…


1.       Declare another gang public enemy number one, immediately shifting police attention to that gang.

2.       Declare a certain vice to be a cancer on society, shifting FIB attention to the gang that does the most of it.

3.       Relax police patrols into a city so the gang may control it without police interference.

4.       Relax FIB attention on a particular kind of vice, so they will not interfere with it.




Merryweather faction to be fleshed out.

Grappa 6 to be fleshed out.

All gangs and factions need to be fleshed out.

Bookie- Gangs will be able to make money on sports booking.

Loan Sharking- Another vice for FIB to pursue


Gun Running

Fraud & Counterfitting

Money Laundering

Grand Theft Auto/ Chop shop

Giving individuals occupations. The idea being that they are required for certain gang activities. Mechanic for a chop shop, a pimp for prostitution, and dealers to distribute various drugs.

Details on the specifics of resolving conflicts, robberies, etc. (How to guide)

List of city values (for weekly payout)




I forgot to add, if you are interested in actually playing this please click on the link below, join the forums, and say high so I know you are there.



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Posted 02 August 2014 - 02:55 AM

First off, this is the crew recruitment part of the GTA forums. If you have a crew and you want more members then you post here. Understandably you want to build some sort of server(s) that will pertain to this way of game play but I don't think that this is the right location to post to if you want feedback on it. A normal PC/game play section would be a way better place since they also have more views. You might also be looking at making an RP crew but still this is way more of a server than just acting like something in a normal server.


Secondly, I'm a getting the serious feel that this is more an idea for a new game itself than GTA V in general. About 60% of this can be doable with the right amount of people controlling it in GTA but the numbers seem way off than GTA pricing,  it is going to be really hard to control the city portion without active people running the whole thing, and making sure that everyone is following the training point system in place without constantly checking on them.


Hopefully some of this helps but of course I was mostly concerned on the recruitment portion of my reply.

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Posted 02 August 2014 - 01:23 PM

Too long. Did not read.

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Posted 02 August 2014 - 03:34 PM

Yeah, there is a link to click if you want to join the crew at the bottom. I thought that would be considered crew recruitment.It really isn't that complex, like RISK, but you actually fight over the territory. It would take, like many other crews, people actually wanting to play and not just cheat, Thanks for taking the time to respond drkkd.


Share, thanks for taking the time to let me know you didn't read it. Your insight was helpful and adjustments have been made.  :panic:

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Posted 03 August 2014 - 12:02 AM

Sorry guys, I was crabby this morning.


Anyway, admin feel free to remove this thread, as it isn't relevant anymore. 

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Posted 03 August 2014 - 05:30 AM

Don't worry bud, I am here, feel free to invite me to NOT read any of your other posts. I am becoming quite an expert with all the experience I have had.

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Posted 03 August 2014 - 05:57 AM

Pathetic thread OP.

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