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People are falling in love with my character...

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Posted 06 August 2014 - 09:39 AM


^Lol^ OK so I decided to use my second character about 5 days ago and made a female one (no particular reason, just did) and within minutes of starting out I was getting a lot of attention, which seems to be the norm from all the "Female Character" threads that are here. Anyways I found myself warming to her (sad I know) and quite enjoy buying her new clothes, hair, etc... I think I've got in touch with my feminine side, it's quite liberating LOL!


So a few days ago I joined a "Potshot" playlist with a couple of other dude's and got a friend request from one of them which I accepted and over time we've been doing lot's of missions and ranking up together, so yesterday we were doing a "Coveted" playlist and half way through I decided to grab my Buzzard to speed things up and this dude gets in the Cargobob and crashes it immediately (I'd been doing it prior) and then sends me a message saying "Not very good at flying that thing" so I reply "No probs we'll carry on as before".


He then reply's "I'm only 12" :blink: so I say "sh*t kid, I'm old enough to be your Grandad!"


Him: Oh, how old?

Me: 52.

Him: Oh.

Him: So when you said your old enough to be my Grandad does that mean your a guy?

Me: Er, yes this is my second character.

Him: Oh.


Of course it then dawned on me that this poor kid thought I was a chick all along! I was convinced he was an adult just based on his playing style (knew how to play RR, Coveted, Potshot etc without putting a foot wrong) so he immediately leaves and I'm thinking "oh sh*t, poor bastard, what have I done".


Anyway, the moral to this story is... If your a Male with a Female character, don't be a Flirting Floosie or you can break boys hearts  :D


From now on, if I get a friend request from any guy characters I'm gonna let em know I'm a bloke first.


lol this post is full of win.  lol thanks for this pretty good anecdote.  


agreed.... my fav part is that this kid says hes 12 and the first words outta jacks mouth is "sh1t"... nice work grandpa :p


but back OT, ive got a female 2nd character and the only "special attention" i get was when i first made her, joined a crew session and all the boys were airhumping me in the clothes store... even though they all know im a guy.... i took it as a symbol of brotherly love... the redneck kind

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Posted 06 August 2014 - 12:08 PM

I am sure GTA is a game. I am also sure some people think otherwise.

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Posted 06 August 2014 - 09:54 PM

f*ck off already with your goddamn female characters.

You always wanted to be a woman and now you have the chance to dress yourself like a f*cking bitch, and now you have the hilarious fantasy that men actually fell in love with you


On second thoughs, thats kind of a better love story than twilight

O wait




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