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Grand Theft Auto: Idlewood Stories

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Posted 24 July 2014 - 10:36 AM Edited by CarQ, 24 July 2014 - 04:46 PM.

Hello I started creating my new story called "Idlewood Stories". My storyline will tell about a Idlewood Families gang member - Luke.

Luke come back to Idlewood after 3-years helping his father in fight with cancer. Now, Luke have to build up his respect in Los Santos.


My storyline will include more than 40 missions and some side-missions like delivering a pizza, races etc.


My account: http://dyom.gtagames.nl/profile/4089


I write something about my story:




Luke - a protagonist of my GTA. He come back to town after 3-years helping his father in fight with cancer. Now, he have to build up his respect in gang.


Marty -  this is a boss of Idlewood Families, he give Luke several missions at the beginning of GTA.


Tony -  gun dealer who equips the weapons for the gang, best friend of Luke.


Scott - member of Idlewood Families.


Marley -  Jefferson Brothers' boss, Jamaican gun dealer.


to be continued





Idlewood Families:


Boss - Marty

Turf - Idlewood

Weapons -  Baseball Bat, Glock, Micro UZI

Cars - Feltzer

Relationships -  enemy with Ganton Hoods and Rednecks, peaceful with Jefferson Brothers


Ganton Hoods:


Boss -

Turf - Ganton

Weapons -  Glock, Micro UZI, AK-47

Cars - Majestic

Relationships - enemy with Idlewood Families, peaceful with Rednecks and Cholos


Jefferson Brothers:


Boss -  Marley

Turf -  Jefferson

Weapons -  Baseball Bat, Glock, MP5

Cars -  Camper

Relationships -  enemy with Rednecks and Cholos, peaceful with Idlewood Brothers




Boss - 

Turf -  East Los Santos

Weapons -  Glock, Shotgun

Cars -  Picador

Relationships -  enemy with Jefferson Brothers, peaceful with Ganton Hoods




Boss -

Turf -  El Corona, Little Mexico

Weapons -  Baseball Bat, Glock, Micro UZI

Cars -  Tornado

Relationships -  enemy with Jefferson Brothers







Intro -  done!


Marty's missions:


1. First Job - done!

2. Practise Makes Perfect - done!

3. The Deal - done!

to be continued

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Posted 24 July 2014 - 01:13 PM

Looks like topic needs some screenshots and logos wanna ask something you can! :/

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