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Do you honestly even play this game anymore?

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  • TensaZangetsu

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Posted 3 days ago

Nope. I've been too busy watching anime and playing Mass Effect 1 and soon 3, don't have 2 but plan on getting it soon. I bought a few used games at gamestop which are Devil May Cry 4 (finished it not too long ago, great game) Mass Effect 1 (Currently playing, great so far) and Mass Effect 3 (I've heard mixed reviews about this one, but mostly because of the ending, otherwise a great game but I wouldn't know as I haven't played it yet, still playing the 1st game, and I don't have the second game so it'll be like going from the 1st game to the last.) I still play GTA V occasionally, but until they fix that dreaded car spawning glitch, and the useless coke machines, I'm done playing it for a while, hopefully next update fixes it all, which I have my doubts sadly.

  • fefenc


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Posted 3 days ago

NP, they haven't released the superior version yet :)

  • NexusLordNova

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Posted 3 days ago

meh, i'm just waiting for the next gen version to come out honestly.

  • thatstupidbug


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Posted 3 days ago

i stopped months ago... Honestly, I didn't play the game for a long time, so I don't know if things are changed, but the reasons why I stopped playing are two:


1) lack of reward. For example,

I can go on and on, but the point is the same... no sense of reward and no actual reward for most of the game.


2) lack of unscripted activities. I call "unscripted activities" those who are not part of the actual gameplay, like searching for ghost town, the S.A. blue hell, the LCS helicopter... I heard that someone discovered a way to north yankon, and that the whole thing was patched less than a week after. I miss those activities, because using bugs, glitches and unhortodox ways is part of GTA since forever. I'm just talking about singleplayer, obviously. ... and, by the way, I even count multiple (and strange) ways to finish a mission as "unscripted activities".


PS: I apologize if I'm not totally clear, english isn't my first language.

PS2: if THERE ARE actually "unscripted activities" and multiple ways to finish missions in some bizzarre way let me know, I stopped playing gta V month ago.

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  • Mr_Leone

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Posted 3 days ago

I'm still stuck in Liberty City.
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Posted 3 days ago

right now im trying to afford a panto but all fancy clothes is a heluva disstraction

  • PhillBellic

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Posted 3 days ago

I'm still stuck in Liberty City.

The better city, am I right or what? Anyhoo the fact that we are still playing the older game over the new one is a testament to it's 'completeness'.



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Apex Predator
  • Apex Predator

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Posted 3 days ago

Yup. At least three times a week. The Content Creator has really added a lot to the game for me, there are thousands of races, deathmatches etc. to play and new ones are constantly being added. The Singleplayer, not so much anymore.

  • SuburbansWorst

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Posted 2 days ago

Only reason I like GTA V's map better is because the signal lights are at the other side of the intersection

IV's idea of putting it up front ruined the immersion for me tbh

Plus the driving too

i guess i am too nitpicky but i will never forget those signals

every GTA smh

thank god they finally fixed it

  • AlmightySo

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Posted 2 days ago

I still do so many things in SP, go off-roading in my MW Mesa or 6x6, shoot up grove street, find trucks with boat trailers, do races at night with different cars, sooo many things. I love sp because it seems like everything works better than online, that being said i hate some things about sp as well. 

  • Sting4S

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Posted 2 days ago

The Richman and Vinewood Hills mansions I explored today remind me of why I used to get so disappointed with this game's lack of interiors. So many beautiful lots and views, yet no interiors in the hills whatsoever. I've got $1,800,000,000 to spend and I can't even buy a f*cking house.

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  • TJGM

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Posted 2 days ago

I wonder how it is for other peoples perspective when it comes to GTA V, I am not talking about Online..
Do you guys play this game after 100%? I do sometimes, the only thing I do is rampage and drive a car around. I dont do so much in gaming right now, but I do play GTA V sometimes. Is it worth for you to play it? Or how is it?

I'm on my fourth playthrough at 20%, I'll occasionally jump on Single Player every now and then to continue.

Although, I play online every few days when I'm bored. I'll just turn a podcast on, and start doing random stuff.
Only tonight did I decide to drive a bike all around the state of San Andreas. Feels pretty badass putting your character in a leather jacket, t-shirt, jeans and some boots while driving a motorbike at high speeds on the motorway all throughout San Andreas.


  • Kampret


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Posted 2 days ago

Single-player? Not really, all I do is get in a tank and run into vehicles, trying not to explode it.

Online? Yeah, not as much as before though, after R* changed missions payouts.


Been looking for a cheap copy of GTA IV+EFLC (The Complete Edition) for PS3,

  • MilezDawg

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Posted 2 days ago

Getting ready to %100 GTAV for my second time.
Hell I %100 every GTA I play, multiple times. It's my favorite game series, but I don't have alot of free time so I only play GTA

  • fac316


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Posted 2 days ago

Yup. At least three times a week. The Content Creator has really added a lot to the game for me, there are thousands of races, deathmatches etc. to play and new ones are constantly being added. The Singleplayer, not so much anymore.

This is the main reason I dont play the game as rabidly as I did as a past gta title, the neglect on the SP mode really breaks my heart ESP w/ the lack of crime related activies/clothing options/missions (69 wtf?) and the story online even though i played it for a few hours seemed ALOT better then the FIB/Devin Weston f*ck fest of a story.

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