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anyone one else trying to get 100 per cent right now

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  • JetsRLove


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Posted 5 days ago

Got the game on December 21st and got 100% on January 12th so that was really easy and I played online for quite a while since it was the billionaire era near December.

  • CiviX


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Posted 5 days ago

I only need to do 5 knife flights, and also last flight school mission. Need to do that for about 5 months now.

Can't be bothered anymore after spending a whole lot of everings on that. It annoys me alot that it's all neccecary to get "true" 100%.

Mr. Tibbs
  • Mr. Tibbs

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Posted 4 days ago

No, because getting 100% is 100% pointless. Oh wow, you get an extra S&F mission, some UFO easter eggs, and that's about it. No health upgrade, no special weapon, no added feature, nothing. You want UFOs? Go watch one of the millions of videos on it. You want to see the bigfoot mission? Again, go watch a video of it. and inb4whatifiwanttoactuallyexperienceit, there is nothing special with the mission or the eggs. The mission is just a reference to the San Andreas myth and the UFOs are just added to the forced ALIUNZ conspiracy

  • clement_attlee

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Posted 4 days ago

Do you wan't 100 dollars per cent??? Wym? :D


OT: Naa, when it comes out to PC I'll do 100 %

  • Misunderstood


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Posted 4 days ago

Nope, I completed the story mode, did some side missions, went online for a bit and now my game collects dust. 

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