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TheBarrCrimeFamily(ps3) recruiting

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Posted 16 July 2014 - 01:21 AM

The Barr Crime Family
Family size-8

Join a Family today and make cash and rp by playing with The Family.
MrBarrBass began his life in the crew "TheGuardianAngels" in liberty city 2012
Then, he started anew in Los Santos with his own crew "TheBarrCrimeFamily"
with a former member of "TheGuardianAngels" and began to rise in power in money
and since MrBarr is a nice guy he decides to Spread The Wealth by customizing
cars and sharing money from jobs. The Family is currently searching for
new loyal members 14+..


Muscle-Black/Red vest/white shirt/red tie

Made Man-Black suit/red tie

Lieutenant/Capo/Captain-Brown suit/red tie

Under boss-Grey suit/Red tie

Advisor/Consigliere-Black suit/red bowtie

Left/Right hand man-Black suit/black shirt red bowtie

Making Paper-
Many ways to make paper is jobs but also helping Your Family out.
Such as driving the Boss/Higher rank for cash or defending the Members of
The Family. The Boss himself shares the most cash to respectful loyal members
and more if your a "Barr" such as making a new account with your name
EX:(JohnBarr)but thats if your into roleplay kind of stuff or if your asked
by the Don and higher ranks themselves(if they all agree)if you do turn down the
the Name then its fine but you wont be asked again.When ordered to drive/kill
you do it for the Family and disrespectful if you say no or question which can be
resulted in many ways..

1.DONT BE A D***
2.DONT BE A AS*****
3.Don't question orders given to you
4. Don't be inactive

The Boss is 16 if thats a problem then either f*ck off or deal with it
and not to worry but he's not a dick(I would know)please be mature about it
we are go into invite only mode to invite and gather members(for meetings etc..)
then we go to public mode which the Bosses house is paleto bay is the hang out
NOTE: we are a paleto bay based Family and do go to los santos time to time.
Hates/glasses/shoes are up to you.Most members are 14+ and please don't be a
NOONE tells the boss"f*ck you""So""I don't care he hit my car" because you'll
be f***ed up in no time. so please be mature(least not a as*****) and you/'ll
meet new friends/make money/rank up and if you are with your friends ask them to
join and many people ask"can i wear something else when im not with the crew?"
and the answer is Yes but when your with the Family NO. Girls are allowed and
Dress code is just to wear suit pants/skirt/red(white/black)suit jacket with
red t-shirt. Mics are not required so if you dont have on but still want to join
then don't be afraid to ask. and add MrBarrBass on ps3 with your
Name/Age/Mic or not/ and where you heard about us.


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