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Female vs. Male character

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Pink Fly
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Posted A week ago

I really think Rockstar should add more differences to the two gender's available.


For example, statistics show that males tend to get paid more than women. So therefore, after completing jobs, males should get more money. Also, males tend to be better drivers. Therefore, males should be better drivers in game aswell. In addition to this, there are more males in the army than females. Therefore, males should have higher shooting stats. Males can also lift more than females, so they should have higher strength stats.


Statistics also show women are far better at cooking at cleaning. Therefore, in game, female characters should be better at cooking and cleaning. Also, it is a proven fact, that women are better at decorating, therefore women should get more customizable options. Also, most women use sex appeal to get stuff they want, so it should be easier for women to outrun cops and get better prices.


Thoughts? I really like my ideas.

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  • CallmeGoat

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Posted A week ago

Completely unnecessary. Oh and for the record, check your claims. Women are actually statistically better drivers than men, it's true. It's a common misconception. Men are worse drivers. 

  • Spectrap

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Posted A week ago

Inb4 feminists find this thread make an account and rant
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Posted A week ago


  • arcticvisions


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Posted A week ago

I can't with this guy anymore 

  • Wombater_18

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Posted A week ago

... What the f*ck did I just read? You are the inner soul of sexism, and you should be thrown into jail for thinking of such ideas. Why aren't you banned yet?

  • RichiesTrucking


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Posted A week ago

statistics show that pink fly talks more bollocks than men and women put together

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  • Raavi

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Posted A week ago

Statistics show that if you post another bullsh*t troll thread you'll be banned. 

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