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GTA IV patches

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Posted 13 July 2014 - 07:06 AM

Does anyone remember how many patches Rockstar released for GTA IV, and what each of them addressed?

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Posted 17 July 2014 - 09:40 AM, the latest one has many fixes and new graphical improvements. But many reverted to, as they thought it gave more fps. But I played on

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Posted 17 July 2014 - 10:03 AM Edited by Andreas, 17 July 2014 - 10:06 AM.

Rockstar released seven patches for GTA IV on PC, in total. Here is a list of all of them and what they exactly addressed.
• Fix bug for crash on legal screen for non-English fonts
• Reduce audio memory allocations reserved for features that are disabled on low memory systems
• Fix a bug that prevented Windows Vista from launching title update
• Restore proper aspect ratio after watching a video in full screen in the Video Editor Gallery
• Default Blur filter to "ON" for systems with less than 1.4 Gigs of System Memory

• The screen no longer flickers during the transition from interior to exterior
• After alt-tabbing the radar will no longer appear squished
• Particles are no longer flickering for smoke from vents and chimneys
• Corrupt textures and black dots fixed when using a Radeon HD 3850.

Video Editor
• Fixed case where a clip may not precisely end at the time specified by the right extent that has been adjusted by the user.
• Fixed issues with specific sounds still playing while clip playback was paused.
• Fixed issue where a clip marker could no longer be selected or dragged.
• Fixed cases where the camera would not switch properly from one type to the next while editing a clip.
• Fixed issues with the world and world interiors not drawing correctly on clip playback.

Video Editor UI
• Added support for using directional keys to navigate clips on the clip page.
• Fixed issue where user text could become un-editable.
• General fixes for cutting and pasting clips in the video editor.
• Fixed issues where some keys would not be drawn correctly for languages other than English.
• Fixed case where clip thumbnails would no longer draw correctly.
• Fixed general stability issues with the video editor.

• Can now map right click to any movement controls.
• Game will no longer hang if you recover an account when trying to create a manual save.
• Controls for bowling fixed when using mouse and keyboard with certain mice.
• Fixed crash when skipping track on Independence FM, caused low frame rate after restart.
• Fix a crash after running benchmark test as mission failed.
• Fixed a potential crash after returning Benchmark Results.
• Fixed bug where phone answered itself positively with no user input.

• Optimized memory requirements for video renderer. Fixes long 720p and 1080p video renders.
• Fixed issues where the game could potentially crash while rendering a video.

• Game now supports Direct Input PC gamepads (ie.)
o Logitech Cordless Rumble Pad 2
o Logitech Rumble Pad
o Logitech Dual Action
o Saitek P2500
• Include Multi-GPU support
• Game setting no longer reverts to default when the game is exited while already minimized
• Alt-Tabbing during cutscenes no longer causes water to rise through ground.
• Fix bug where PC clock speed is modified after game startup causing everything to run in double time

Multiplayer fixes
• Player’s character model no longer resets itself when exiting the game.
• Instances of players getting stuck on the next game screen have been eliminated.
• Fix for load game not returning correctly from Party Mode.
• Custom lobby searches for Supercar races have been corrected.
• LAN game custom lobby behavior corrected on exit.
• Graphics Menu:
o Added "Water Quality", "Shadow Quality" and "Reflection Resolution" sliders in graphics menu.
o Added "Definition" and "VSync" toggles in graphics menu.
• Rendering optimizations.
• VSync optimizations.
• Nvidia 7000 series:
o Mirrors fixed

• Direct input device support is now disabled by default and can only be enabled with the commandline: "-usedirectinput"
• Supported Controllers:
o Logitech Dual Action
o Logitech RumblePad 2
o Logitech Cordless RumblePad 2
o Saitek P2500
• Supported Wheels:
Note: Controls are unmapped, user must map controls using Manufacturer's mapping software.
o Logitech G25 Racing Wheel
o Logitech Wingman Formula GP Wheel
o Logitech MOMO Racing
o MOMO Force
o Driving Force Pro
o Driving Force
o Formula Force
• Added Commandline "-notimefix" which will help some users who are experiencing the fast/slow gameplay issue after patch 1 was applied.
• Fixed a bug that caused some users to experience endless looping audio effects after Patch 1 was applied.
• Benchmark was disabling sounds after Patch 1 was applied, this is now fixed.

• Unable to load game fixed - For some users, a DOS window would open and close immediately upon Game Launch, GTA IV would never launch.
• Hang on Initial Game Loading Screen fixed - Some users experienced Character Art Loading screens in an endless loop.
• Certain causes of the RESC10 error have been fixed (Alt-Tab, change resolution). If you experience an RESC10 error, you must restart.
• Certain Instances of the "GRAND THEFT AUTO IV has encountered a problem and needs to close" error have been fixed.

• Naming clips is now mandatory on Export

• Legitimate players being kicked from Multiplayer matches has been fixed.

• Wireless 360 controllers not functioning - Triggers were full on/off, fixed.
• In the Options menu accessed from the Title Screen a “Game” section has been added with the ability to turn Clip capture on/off.
• Interior Lights for ATI 1900 series cards:
o All light sources appear for users with 1900 series ATI cards. (ie. Pool Mini Game)
o ALT-TAB fixed
• Graphics Settings:
o Added menu option " OFF " for Reflection quality
o Added menu option " OFF " for Shadow quality

• Physics optimizations to improve situations with heavy physics calculations (ie. 32 player races)
• Graphical Performance Optimizations

• NAT Type detection:
o Detect if user has a " strict " NAT and displays message for user
• Voice chat is received even if your microphone is turned off

• Keyboard / Mouse:
o Remapping restrictions removed
o Allow Enter, Backspace, and Arrow keys to be remapped by user
o Allow multiple mouse buttons to be mapped
• Enable/Disable DirectInput in Menu:
o Users can now activate/deactivate Direct Input devices from "Controls" menu.
o If commandline "-usedirectinput" is active, it will override pause menu setting.
• Use 2 direct input devices simultaneously (ie. Wheel and Gamepad):
o Users can now use 2 different controllers at once, including 1 XInput and 1 Direct Input device.
• Added more Direct Input / XInput device support:
o Saitek P380/P480/P580/P990
o Saitek PS1000/PS2700/P3200/P3600
o Gravis Eliminator Shock gamepad

• Detect modified files and prevent users from entering multiplayer if found:
o Game will prompt with a message after blocking user with modified data files from entering multiplayer
o Should prevent multiplayer access from cell phone and GFWL join in progress

• Scroll Bar improved response:
o Tweaked to respond better to keyboard inputs
• Sped up load times for users with many clips

• Return of Hot Dog Stands and other props:
o Missing hot dog vendors, fences, gates, pylons should be present throughout the world.
• Scrolling signboards:
o Activate missing scrolling signboard text (ie. highway signs, Star Junction, Clock Tower Sign)
• ALT-TAB pauses game during cutscenes:
o Cutscenes should now pause and resume correctly after an ALT-TAB task switch. Audio remains in sync.

• Mismatched MODO/Perseus Clothing:
o Fixed a bug when Niko mixes clothing from Perseus and Modo
• 360 Controller Texture:
o Controller image should be visible in Controller Configuration screen
Maintenance Update:
• Resource management adjustments based on the operating system detected.
• Convert all region SKU's into the same SKU.
• Include support for all languages within single exe.

• Allow controls to be double mapped on keyboard.
• Added option in controls menu to disable mouse controls in helicopters.
• Adjust keyboard control sensitivity in hood cam view in vehicles.

• Security Updates to deter cheating in multiplayer.
• Hosts can now immediately Kick users from their games in Lobby and in game via Cell phone without having to rely on peer voting.
• Fixed a bug in Cops 'n Crooks mode where Host would drop out and prevent remaining players from leaving game.
Rockstar Games Social Club
• Remove Rockstar Games Social Club application
• Separate RGSC application no longer required to launch game
• Social Club login now occurs during the launch process

• A new, less memory-intensive, and better-looking scalable shadow solution has been implemented
• Enhanced Night Shadows added with user-selectable level of detail (replaces Shadow Density)

• Rendering optimizations have been made to improve performance, particularly when enabling shadows
• User-configurable graphics settings have been added for shadow control
• Improved memory management

• New system-intensive benchmarks have been added under the Graphics menu
• User gameplay captures can be used for benchmarking using the command line

• Enhanced security to isolate users from cheaters and hackers

Episodic Content
• Provide in-game support to purchase "The Lost and Damned" and "The Ballad of Gay Tony" (Not available in Russian/Japanese Versions)

Bug Fixes
• Vehicle shadows re-enabled between 8pm and 6am
• Fix floating street textures
• Pedestrians in vehicles appear further out from the player to allow for long range sniping
• The Moon has been implemented with simulated lunar phases
• Fixed garbled text in Japanese Multiplayer menus
• "RESC 10" error fix for specific hardware configurations
• fixed a bug causing tree leaves to look transparent
• fixed a bug that prevented uploading of rendered videos to Social Club when attaching certain music tracks
• fixed for clip capture "OFF" slowdowns occurring when near water's edge
• exposed "detonate" in custom key mapping options menu for Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned so users can remap "down" arrow key

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t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m
  • t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m

    try again sweetie

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Posted 23 July 2014 - 12:15 AM

Thank you for that, but I was referring to console patches. It seems like there were some updates for X360/PS3, if I remember correctly.

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Posted 23 July 2014 - 12:38 AM

If I remember correctly, the last update released to GTA IV PS3 (not EFLC, pure IV) is 1.07 (or TU7 on X360).

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