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Posted 3 weeks ago

I was referring to manual transmissions, I probably should've specified.


Are overshift and undershift actual words? Because that would sound fitting. It seems people use it sometimes but mostly just for changing gears to lower or higher in general.


I'm asking because when I drove on the highway and through the city yesterday, I deliberately used a lower gear for most of the drive just to hear the engine some more and have some stronger acceleration just because. Even though the car eats gas like a battle tank when I do that.

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Posted 3 weeks ago Edited by Mark, 3 weeks ago.

I'd argue that the optimal gear in a manual is all down to what you're intending to do with the vehicle rather than what the vehicle itself may or may not by recommending, hence it doesn't really have a defined name. Just depends if you want to keep the vehicle nearer the juicy part of the power band. I often use the work van in a lower gear than my personal car merely because it's not my fuel or wear and tear plus it makes it nippier in traffic.
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  • RogerWho

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Posted 3 weeks ago Edited by RogerWho, 3 weeks ago.

Well I'd define the optimal gear as the one that gives you the most torque (I really don't know the English terms for these things) for the current speed.


I mean say, I go 90 km/h and the engine of my car gives the most torque and is thus the most effective at 2500 rpm, then the optimal gear is the 5th one. If I use 4th gear just for the hell of it and the engine runs at 3500 rpm because of that, then it's obviously not the effective gear unless I had a reason to chose it, such as going uphill or overtaking.


F*cking fun though.

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Posted 2 weeks ago

Get backing to signalling, was able to record two of the ways we've discussed earlier.


First one is a bit of a hilly stretch of road and I saw a driver approaching at lost faster than I was going, well obviously, and as it as safe to overtake I signal left and slow down a bit, he got the message and then thanked using the alternate turning signals. 






Here I've flashed the bus yielding for him to return, as the white 500 didn't, and he uses the hazards lights.




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Posted A week ago

Yep buses seem to universally use the hazard flash thank you, certainly in the UK anyway...

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Posted A week ago

Alternate signalling as a thank you is a challenge in modern cars becasue most have a soft and hard setting. So instead of blinking just once, mine blinks 3 times. This is for lane changes on the motorway basically. So if I want to do alternate signalling I'd end up having 3 blinks on the last one unless if I go passed the click and off again on that one, which is annoying.

So I just mash the hazards for two flashes and off I go.

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Posted A week ago

One or more hazard flashes (doesn't really matter) is the way to thank someone here in B&H, too. I found it interesting that less than 2 flashes are considered impolite in Japan as Tchuck mentioned. Probably never going to need that information, but still, the more you know.

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Posted A week ago

Here, if you want to signal something to someone going the opposite way, two high-beam flashes means police and two hazard flashes means an accident. That's about all I know, and it saved me from a ticket.

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Posted A day ago

Requoting from the Spotted thread, didn't wanna clutter it up w/ random discussion

What is a Ford Sierra RS Cosworth with plates from Barcelona, Spain (my hometown) doing in America? This is some weird sh*t.
Plus, it even has on the windscreen the sticker that it has passed the government's yearly Vehicle Tecnical Inspection.
PS. According to an online search, The Ford Sierra RS Cosworth plate determines it's from November 24th 1986 registered in Barcelona.
This is quite a find for this post:

Thanks for the information. I actually had no idea where the plate was designated to, and at the time I wasn't even sure if it was real or anything. If I knew about the registration before, I probably would have asked the owner about it :p Needless to say, I was very excited to see it at the show.

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